The 'Crusher' of Londonistan

‘UK is the backbone of Europe and must be crushed.’

New Al-Qaeda chief pledges major attack on London to avenge Bin Laden’s death (Daily Mail)

Osama Bin Laden’s replacement as leader of Al-Qaeda is planning a major terrorist attack on London, ordering his followers to ‘crush’ the city.  Saif al-Adel, 59,   is known as the Sword of Islam and fought Russians in Afghanistan.  (Daily Mail)

The running joke in Pakistan:

OMG: Insolent Kafirs Ask Muslim to Spy on Terrorist Community

Low Rider:

2 thoughts on “The 'Crusher' of Londonistan”

  1. * ‘UK is the backbone of Europe and must be crushed.’

    Jellyfish don’t have spines.

  2. * Ahmed is enraged

    If al-Guardian really must fawn (which it must), can’t it find something more current than this, from April Fool’s Day 2004.

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    1 Apr 2004

    Massoud Shadjareh: As Islam is increasingly bracketed with terrorism, young British Muslims are feeling ever angrier and more isolated.

    * Of course, if they were British infidels feeling angry and isolated by islamisation, they would be denounced as “right wing extremists”.

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