Australia: No Muslim Mafia to See Here, Move On, Kafir!

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Carnita Matthews’ minders linked to radical Muslim cleric

Surprised? I’m not:

THE bearded and militant men who formed a security detail around Muslim woman Carnita Matthews at court this week are members of the self-styled Islamic Brotherhood Worldwide.

No radicals to see here, just Muslims who take their religion seriously….

With the name of their organisation across their backs and aggression in their faces, community leaders say the men are students of radical cleric Sheik Feiz Mohammed, who has denounced other religions in his sermons.

That  makes him “radical?” Feiz Mohammed is  simply a good Muslim. He follows the teachings of the Koran.

Sources say the group is linked to the Bukhari Bookshop in Auburn, also a drop-in centre for Muslim youth and recently purchased by the radical sheik.

Sources say the group grew out of the Global Islamic Youth Centre in Liverpool which was founded in 2000 by Sheik Feiz, who has urged children to die for Islam. (Your taxpayer dollars are financing this, Aussie)

The men flanked the niqab-wearing Ms Matthews at the District Court on Monday when her conviction and jail sentence for making a false racism complaint about the police officer who booked her for a P-plate offence was overturned.

After kneeling en masse to pray, the men clashed with the media in noisy and aggressive scenes, prompting police intervention.

Matthews’ lawyer Stephen Hopper said his client was not a radical.

“That could not be said about some of the people who are supporting her,” Mr Hopper added.

The men wore matching black hoodies with the words “Islamic Brotherhood Worldwide” and “One Day One Flag”. In Arabic is written: “There is no deity except Allah and Mohammed is a messenger of Allah.”

It was hardly a war cry, a Muslim leader said yesterday.

“They are worldwide only in their imagination,” he said.

“Dressing like that is contrary to the Islamic teachings because it is not part of our tradition to wear the name of God on our clothing. It is grossly disrespectful.”

(From an unnamed Muslim “leader”, you know what that means)

Recent assessments by NSW Police show that Australian-born Sheik Feiz, who returned here late last year, does not warrant any serious investigation.

(Why not? When non-Muslims read from the Koran in public they are dragged through the courts. WTF is wrong with these people?)

Racist rants have also been removed from public viewing on the Facebook page of a man who says he is Ms Matthews’ partner.

He calls himself Hamdi Abu Ibrahim (Hamdi Father of Ibrahim) and his real name is Hamdi Alqudsi.

Carnita Matthews’ mystery husband revealed: The Daily Telegraph interviewed a man outside Ms Matthews’ western Sydney home. The man said his name was Ibrahim Galiel and, after initially refusing to say his relationship to Ms Matthews, said he was her husband. (Clementine Cuneo
The Daily Telegraph)

Both the Bukhari Bookshop and the GIYC denied any knowledge of the Islamic Brotherhood Worldwide.

The sheik was not available for comment.

“Everyone wears slogans. That doesn’t make them a gang or a group,” a spokesman for the GIYC said.

Nothing to see here. Move on, kafir.  No Muslim mafia to see here. Don’t call us, we’ll call you….



Leftist Loon Watch

We’re officially invaders:

Sydney City Council last night declared the arrival of white settlers to be an “invasion” and wiped the words “European arrival” from official documents.  (Tim Blair)

Given their belief in this position, how can they morally justify their continued presence in Australia?

KRudd, the most foreign minister in Australia’s history

The Gillard Government’s latest foreign policy disaster will cost Australians their jobs:

AT least 1000 jobs could be lost as a result of the Gillard government’s live cattle export ban to Indonesia, with Western Australia alone predicting it would cost its economy $170 million.

So where’s the Foreign Minister?

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