UK: Child Killer Saves His Skin by Turning to Islam

CHILD murderer Levi Bellfield is trying to save his skin in prison by turning to Islam.

I spare you the look of him, but  you can click here if you’re curios…

The serial killer has been reading religious material given to him by the fearsome Muslim Boys Gang, who protect anyone they convert. Bellfield, 43, had death threats and was put in the segregation unit in Belmarsh jail for his protection after he was convicted last week of killing Milly Dowler, 13.

A prison source said yesterday: “Previously he would hang around with notorious criminals but prisoners who have attacked children are hated in jail.

“Bellfield knows he is under threat and it is believed he is taking steps to protect himself. He has been seen chatting with key members of the Muslim Boys Gang. Before his latest trial he never associated with them.

“He’s been given Islamic material to read in his cell. But he will always be looking over his shoulder.”

Bellfield, also serving life for two other murders and one attempt, is to be transferred from the South-East London jail to HMP Wakefield, West Yorks, dubbed Monster Mansion.

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  1. He behaves like a muslim so he should make a good recruit. Probably a waste of time giving him reading material, all things considered.

  2. As long as Brother Levi Bellfield claims he believes in a supreme being, he can remain a Freemason.

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