Egypt: Meet the Brandnew 'Peace & Justice Party"

In Islam, “peace” comes when all unbelievers are murdered or forcibly converted. “Justice” means sharia.

Muslim Brotherhood becomes legitimate party

CAIRO – The Egyptian official news agency on Tuesday recognized the Muslim Brotherhood as a legitimate party for the first time since it was outlawed in 1954, AP reported.

The party was recognized as the “Freedom and Justice Party” and will be allowed to run in the parliamentary elections scheduled for September, the report said. (JP thanks to KGS/Tundra Tabloids)

One thought on “Egypt: Meet the Brandnew 'Peace & Justice Party"”

  1. So many left wing moonbats are taken in by Mohammedan speak the alternative universe where what you say is the exact opposite of what you mean.
    Mohammedans say Mohammedans mean
    PEACE On OUR Terms only with us in charge
    INNOCENCE ONLY Mohammedans can be innocent
    ZAKAT Charity for Mohammedans ONLY
    TREATY HUDNA for six years only
    GOD (allah) SATAN

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