Mickey Mouse Jihad

Mickey Mouse Jihad

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian Christian telecom mogul has angered Islamic hard-liners by posting an online cartoon of Mickey Mouse with a beard and Minnie in a face veil.

Image of Bearded Mickey Mouse Enrages Egyptian Islamists (Minnie Too!)

The cyber campaign against Sawiris showed how uncomfortable his secular campaign has made Islamists. It also could lead to polarization in the streets ahead of crucial parliament elections set for September.

Freedom of speech? Not in Egypt.   Read More »

Delusional Conspiracy Theories  & Deflection:

Egyptian Deputy Prime Minister Yehiya al-Gamal has blamed the United States and Israel for being engaged in efforts to incite a religious strife to weaken the African country. (Press TV)

A thought for today:

A culture of celebrating life and freedom and Justice is Right;  those who celebrate  death and totalitarianism, injustice, and abuse are Wrong.

Heaven help us all!

An American colonel, recently returned from Afghanistan, told me that when he asked an officer from a European NATO member country to lead a supply convoy one evening, the officer explained that he was only paid to work for a set number of hours and his working day was done. Reminded that there was a war in progress, the officer said, “Maybe your country is at war, but not mine.” (NATO)


“Rebels” sodomize a soldier with a gun

Are THESE the Libyan ‘rebels’ Hussein Obama is supporting with your tax dollars? (WARNING: Very Graphic Images)

According to the descriptions, Libyan rebels are carrying out these barbaric acts of torture. We have no confirmation that the torturers are, in fact, ‘the’ rebels. One thing we do know they are: Muslims.  (Barenaked has more)

(Don’t expect these videos will stay up on YouTube very long. Please copy and save them if you can.)

Fearful Arabs

Fear and trembling in Saudi Arabia

Media warn of imminent earthquake, volcano, but geologists discount risk; correctly or not, many Saudis worry about Harrat Lunayyir.


Syrian uprising “has been overwhelmed by a carefully programmed Islamist upsurge that is led by the Muslim Brotherhood”

I tried to tell you. “Arab spring could become an Islamist winter,” by Prem Shankar Jha in Tehelka, June 26:

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  1. The non-fighters can only be the Germans. Their government has been insistent
    that no reference to war be made, besides that, they could not fight, according to their own reports 40% of the soldiers are too fat. They are not allowed to fire, most likely they do not have bullets, there was no room on the transport planes ammunition because their essential supplies are far greater than any other NATO contingent. 1,700,000 bottles of beer and 90,000 bottles of wine for the year for 3,500 troops.

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