America on Skid Row

It Begins… Media Smears GOP “Hardliners” For Not Embracing Obama’s Spend Your Way to Hell Fiscal Plan

 If you don’t agree with Obama’s spend your way to hell plan – the media says you’re a rightwing “hardliner.” (GWP)

Does US Government Sell Guns to Mexican Drug Cartels?

We know that the Obama Regime used “stimulus” money to finance a program to facilitate the smuggling of American guns into Mexico by drug cartels, evidently in hopes it would provide propaganda ammo to use against the Second Amendment. Will the media show some interest if it turns out the gang of Marxist thugs that impudently calls itself the US government wasn’t just giving the green light to illicit gun sales, but actually selling the guns?

Having the media on his side might allow Obama to survive even this, but the rat-faced Eric Holder is going down.

Obama‘s ’Executive Orders’ on Guns 

(trying to make it look as he could solve a problem he created…)

Thanks to Moonbattery

In an interview recorded with officials from Mexico’s Federal SSP (Ministry of Public Safety) and distributed to the Mexican media, Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar “El Mamito” revealed that Los Zetas obtain their arms from the U.S. …

Rejon Aguilar confessed that Los Zetas have “buyers on the other side” (in the U.S.) who are U.S. citizens that acquire the arms and sell them to Los Zetas. He also admitted hearing stories that the U.S. government was selling weapons.

“What we buy in the United States, there was a time when the buyers, they weren’t our people, they were buyers from the other side, were saying that the American government was selling weapons.”

Rejon Aguilar is Número Tres in Los Zetas. The “other side” refers to the Gulf Cartel, which evidently might be buying weapons directly from our rulers.

The infamous Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) hasn’t been left out>>>

 If this continues, America will go the way of the DODO:

Muzz in the News:

Ground Zero:

Whoopin’ Poopie

“Sick of people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about going off. I’m sick of it!”— (So am I. But why is she on TV? )


Pathological Bullshitter wants you to believe him:

Willie Clitman Watch

Slick Willie rakin’ it in:

Washington (CNN) Former president Bill Clinton enjoyed his most lucrative year ever on the speaking circuit in 2010, capping a decade of paid speaking events that has earned him $75.6 million since leaving office in 2001, according to a CNN analysis of federal financial records. (Beats me. Who wants to listen  to that putz let alone pay for it?)

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  1. The idea that one can achieve anything at all with lawfare against a rogue regime like Syria is as preposterous as the Manchurian Moonbat in the white house:
    Pathetic. Obama Responds to Attack on US Embassy in Syria… With a Lawsuit

    This, of course, is to be expected pettiness from the malevolent clown who pollutes the oval office:

    Sad. Obama Snubs George W. Bush & US Christians in South Sudan Independence Message

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