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O’Turd Advisor:

Muselputz Fareed Zakaria Praises Obama’s Mideast Foreign Policy ‘Restraint’

The point-of-note is that this is the same analyst whom, according to the New York Times, President Obama “sounded out” while shaping his foreign policy. The two simply had “off-the-record” conversations on foreign issues, according to Zakaria, and the CNN host claimed he was not an advisor to the President.

MSNBC’s Religious Expert:

‘Radical,’ ‘Theocratic’ Christians ‘Hate’ America

MSNBC’s Richard Lui on Wednesday looked to an author who has smeared conservative Christians as “radical,” weird individuals who “hate” America.

Rush Limbaugh:

MSNBC ‘A Loony Bin Filled With People Overflowing With Uncontrollable Rage and Anger’

“That whole network is a loony bin filled with people who are overflowing with uncontrollable rage, anger, unhappiness, and misery, by design”

Tingles hastens to prove it:

Twice in Less Than 24 Hours, Chris Matthews Compares Republicans to ‘Terrorists’


Old Guard Marxist

Fry ’em already:

Tingles the Wahabite

Economic Muzz Mush

‘Experience of the Muselputz’ supersedes everything”