Australia's Socialist Regime Blows $12 Million to Remind Ignorant Peasants That Government Cearly Knows Best….

You will be stuffed into the mold until the rights to you are sold

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 Carbon taxes will help create wealth …. for shysters. (H/T GoV)

Australian Government Launches $12 Million Carbon Tax Propaganda Blitz

The Age reports today that the Australian government is preparing to launch TV ads that will likely frame carbon taxes as a means of “wealth creation.” This PR campaign comes at a time when Australian’s support of carbon taxes is at an all time low.

The ad campaign is set to start this weekend. As The Age reports, “The television campaign is expected to run for four to five weeks and will be combined with print advertising.” Also revealed in the report is the fact that Google is helping the Australian government data-mine the internet for information on voter opinion.

The AGE is full of praise for the Socialist gubmint propaganda:

Just how the Australian government will convince their constituents that carbon taxes will help create wealth remains to be seen. The Age’s headline “Carbon tax ads to hit TV amid public confusion” conveys the government’s position that the poor ignorant peasants need to be reminded that government clearly knows best.

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One thought on “Australia's Socialist Regime Blows $12 Million to Remind Ignorant Peasants That Government Cearly Knows Best….”

  1. YES!! I’m still steaming that we taxpayers have to PAY OUR HARD EARNED TAXES for being brainwashed …most Australians are NOT confused like Juliar and her media, we just don’t believe in the Global Warming scam OR this LYING government who said”there WILL be NO CARBON TAX under the government I lead!!!” ( quote from JuLIAR Gizzard)
    Now let me lead the Australian ripped off taxpayer in the new Psalm 23 dedicated to Unions, Greenies and Labour.. to JuLIAR:

    JuLIAR is the shepherd we did not want
    She maketh us to lie down in deep recession,
    She leadeth us beside the still factories
    She restoreth our faith in the Liberal Party
    She guideth us in the paths of unemployment for her partys’ sake
    Yea, though we walk through the valley of the endless breadline
    We shall fear no hunger
    For her bailouts are with us
    Her propaganda tv ads, they comfort us
    She preparest Inflation in the presence of our Greenies
    She hath anointed our income with Carbon Tax
    Our expenses runneth over
    Surely poverty and hard living will follow us all the days of our lives
    And we will live in a rented house forever

    ( note to overseas readers) Liberal party here in Australia are the equivalent of your Republican Party, our Labour Party are left wing commies, climate Change gurus aligned with the Green Party

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