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“we’ve got to disentangle some of these things”-

Question of mass destruction. Jon Faine interviews Tony Blair on Melbourne radio’s ABC 774 yesterday:

FAINE:  there’s a growing view among people that democracy’s not working the way that it’s designed to and not all that it’s scrubbed up to be. It’s not scrubbing up the way it’s supposed to. In fact people feel democracy’s being taken from them by power elites.

Blair: (silence) Um, yeah, I think it is a bit of a stretch this one. Er, I think . . .

Faine: Well, when you look at what the man in Norway has said and you look at what some of the activists are saying in the Middle East, you look at some of the disclosures about what you and your mates were up to with the tabloid press in London, and with police connivance, people say: “Well, hang on, that’s not how it’s all supposed to work. It’s not serving our needs. They’re just looking after themselves.”

Blair: (silence) Yeah, but I think we’ve got to disentangle some of these things.

 Disentangle this: 

Asked if the attack might represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to far-right extremism, Mr Blair told Sky News: “That’s possible.”

“Given the number of Right wingers that have come out in support of his cause we should be worried.”

But he added the issue was as much about culture as it was about politics.

He said clashes were to be expected in this “era of globalisation where the world is being pushed together”, forcing some people to feel uncomfortable.

“Some people?”

“Do you feel that this process of coming together is threatening your identity, threatening your faith, your culture?

“That is the issue in the struggle within Islam and it’s even got its echoes, yes, in what’s happened in Europe.

“That’s why it’s important that we understand this issue and confront it for what it is, which is about culture, not just about politics.”

Why is this bloviating  parvenu still jetting around the world in style instead of swimming with the fish like Binnie?

4 thoughts on “Culture Killer”

  1. In support of Breivik’s cause?

    Crazy isn’t a cause. Neither is steroid-induced rage. Those who have picked through his manifesto can only conclude that his real “cause” was to make himself feel important.

    Breivik never had any real connection with the counterihad. Our cause is not his.

    Breivik quoted (or plagiarized) some material from counterjihad writers, as well as from a variety of other sources. But then, if a madman suddenly yells out that 2 + 2 = 4, that doesn’t suddenly make it stop being true.


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