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Connecting and Cooperating for Peace and Harmony In the Asia-Pacific region

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Welcome to the Regional Interfaith Network, a place for people to engage and share information and ideas on interfaith issues and to hear about upcoming interfaith events in the Asia-Pacific Region. This site was established in Melbourne, Australia in December 2010 following a unanimous recommendation made at the 5th Regional Interfaith Dialogue held in Perth, 2009.

Regional Interfaith Dialogue is jointly sponsored by Australia, together with Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand. In addition to the co-sponsoring countries, the eight remaining ASEAN countries also participate in the Dialogue, as well as Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. The Dialogue has been held on five occasions, most recently in Perth in October 2009. The theme of the Perth Dialogue was “Future Faith Leaders: Regional Challenges and Co-operation“. The Perth Dialogue followed on from a positive history of regional Dialogues: the Yogyakarta Dialogue on Interfaith Cooperation (December 2004), the Cebu Dialogue on Regional Cooperation for Peace, Development and Human Dignity (March 2006), the Waitangi Dialogue on Building Bridges (May 2007) and the Phnom Penh Dialogue on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace and Harmony (April 2008).

Who we are

This website is maintained by a consortium consisting of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, Religions for Peace Australia, the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne and the Islamic Council of Victoria.  You can read about these organsations here.

Aim of this site

The aim of establishing the RIN website is to invite and enable people from different faiths from around the region to stay in touch using an online forum. The website will provide a communication tool for faith leaders and communities engaged in interfaith dialogue, including delegates who have taken part in previous Regional Interfaith Dialogues, to share ideas, experiences and examples of successful practice in educational interfaith resources, activities and events. The website will also encourage faith and interfaith organizations to explore and develop partnerships in promoting interfaith dialogue at the local, national and regional levels.

What you can expect to find here

Materials on this site include the Regional Interfaith Dialogues, Interfaith News from participant countries, a discussion forum and resources on Interfaith activities. This website reflects both the encounter and interactive dimensions of interfaith activity, along with the accompanying reflections. Thus, the principal purpose of this website is encouraging and supporting this interaction. Interfaith practitioners and website users may both submit and find information, and interact on the website topic areas and forums as active participants.

How you can participate

Regional Interfaith Network is an interactive website which aims to link Interfaith practitioners in all the nations participating in the Regional Interfaith Dialogue and to share resources and best practice in Interfaith activity. We seek your contributions to our pages!. You are welcome to submit your local Interfaith news and events via our Contact page, and to participate in the Forums on discussions about Interfaith encounters, events and activities. You are also invited to list forthcoming events on our Events page. We offer opportunities to submit and find information and interact on the website as active participants!

Site Launch and Welcome

The Regional Interfaith Website was launched by Dr Hass Dellal, Executive Director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation on Thursday, 31 March 2011

Welcome to the Regional Interfaith Network, and the Australian Multicultural Foundation is pleased to be a host for this site, with the support of the Australian Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs. I also wish to congratulate all those who contributed to the creation of this site. This innovative site is designed to connect people, and to encourage greater cooperation in building peace and harmony in our region. We encourage people and organisations to engage, and share information and ideas on interfaith issues, as well as inform each other of upcoming interfaith events in the Asia Pacific region. We look forward to your participation and support.

Dr Hass Dellal,
Executive Director,
Australian Multicultural Foundation

Regional Interfaith Highlights