Way to go: Willary Clitman praises Greece for "economic leadership"

Yeah, they’re leading alright…    Leading the EU off a cliff.

More smart power…    Hillary Clinton praised Greece this past weekend for its economic policy leadership.
Investors.com reported (AP)

Shrillary Praises Bankrupt Greece’s Economic Leadership (Moonbattery)

Who would have thought that the shrieking leftist harridan Shrillary Clinton has a sense of humor? Yet she earned a hearty round of guffaws with this gag:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday praised Greece for its economic policy “leadership.” Wait a minute: Isn’t this the country that lied to its creditors and has just stuck U.S. taxpayers with an IMF bailout?

As if that wasn’t bad enough by itself, she is also selling our free speech rights to the Arabs:

 the Muslims were rolling on the floor laughing at what a useful idiot dhimmi Clinton has become for them. READ MORE: al-Arabiya via Barenaked.

What’s that vacant look in her eyes? What is she on?

Reminds me of this:

Greece is such a wretched mess that it’s hard not to feel sorry for it. It’s racked up $329 billion in debts it can’t pay. …

Beset by riots from its own clueless citizens who refuse to recognize that it’s out of money, Greece has become pathetic. …

Having promised the European Union it would never let its deficit go higher than 3% of GDP upon joining in 1981, it blithely ignored that and racked up a deficit of 10.5% of GDP without ever seriously trying to cut the size of its government. Today, its endless spending has left it with debt worth 143% of GDP.

Hahahaha! Who would follow Greece’s leadership?

Wait, I just realized who. Not so funny after all.

I wonder who will bail America out, since there are no indications of Obama’s insane spending binge slowing down.


2 thoughts on “Way to go: Willary Clitman praises Greece for "economic leadership"”

  1. “What’s that vacant look in her eyes? What is she on?”

    I can guarantee, it ain’t William J……

  2. You have to give credit where credit is due. She also severely castigated Hungary and its new constitution, it will lead to discrimination and disenfranchisement of people. Her beef : mentally handicapped can’t vote, marriage is between a man and a woman and Hungary is a nation founded on Christian principals. Worst of all, life begins at conception.

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