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In O’turdistan, white men are the terrorists:

Homeland Security Video Pushes Liberal Fantasy That Terrorists Are Mostly White Guys

Meanwhile, as Gateway Pundit notes:

In the last 24 months (2009 and 2010) 126 people were indicted on terrorist-related charges in the United States. All of them were Muslim.

In Norway, 100% of all rape cases in the last 5 years were carried out by  (Men of non-Western background)  Muslims

No doubt liberals will take this as evidence of discrimination against Muslims.

Representing America. But where’s Huma?  (Moonbattery)

Muzz-prop on steroids:

Suehaila Amen: TLC “All-American Muslim” Star is Hezbollah/HAMAS Supporter, CAIR Activist

Incredibly, given her extremist and hateful associations, Amen was paid by Dearbornistan’s Muslim Wal-Mart to put its employees through Muslim sensitivity training. (Shlussel)

TLC has been in Dearbornistan filming for its admittedly pro-Muslim “reality” show, “All-American Muslim,” which will debut in December.  But the show is a lie and should be called “All-Muslim Barely American.”

That’s because TLC already said that they have an agenda with this show–to make Muslims look like loyal Americans and good, normal people.  And yet the star of the show, Suehaila Amen, a devout hijab-wearing Shi’ite Muslim, is an open supporter of Hezbollah and HAMAS. She is an officer of an organization, the Muslim Lebanese American Heritage Club, which sponsored openly anti-Semitic Hezbollah rallies and anti-Israel rallies and was founded by Ali Jawad, a convicted insurance defrauder and known Hezbollah agent who sold smuggled Hezbollah cigarettes at his gas station.  She also organized this year’s fundraising banquet for the Michigan Chapter of the extremist CAIR Action Network, which is an unindicted co-conspirator in HAMAS fundraising according to the federal government.  Hey, TLC, there’s nothing “All-American” about fundraising for and supporting terrorist groups that murder Americans and other innocent civilians.  That’s a Muslim thing. (By Debbie Schlussel)

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  1. Im glad she looks so well dressed and groomed to be representing America. What an embarassment. Doesnt she have a stylist? Or even a MIRROR??

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