UK: Poverty & Inequality Causes Arson & Looting

Tim Blair: Rich & Lawless

Interesting case studies emerge from the London riots:

Among the accused was, for instance, Laura Johnson, the 19-year-old daughter of a successful company director. She lives in a detached converted farmhouse in Orpington, Kent, with extensive grounds and a tennis court.

She is an English and Italian undergraduate at Exeter, favourite of the Boden-wearing classes. Before that, she attended St Olave’s Grammar, the fourth-best state school in the country, and its sister school, Newstead Wood …

At St Olave’s, she studied A-levels in French, English literature, geography and classical civilisation. Yesterday, at Highbury, she was accused of something slightly less civilised – looting the Charlton Curry’s superstore of electrical goods worth £5,000.

She’s one of Bruce Haigh’s “hugely disadvantaged” justice-seekers.

Yet others there warn of race riots:

(UK) When SkyNews went down the streets asking shopkeepers what had happened, one of their reporters berates a shop owner for using the word black. In fact, so ingrained is this fear of being seen as a racist, she asks him: “Are you sure they were black?”

One witness said four carloads of young African-Caribbeans had cruised down Dudley Road and suggested there had been no doubt what they were planning to loot.


British court dispels the myth that the riots are all about social inequality

(eyeon the world)
 (London) Today in London, the first court cases regarding the riots have taken place. And for all the hype over how social inequality is the primary reason why black youths have been rioting, the social status of the idiots in the dock tells a totally different story.
Take for example 31-year-old Alexis Bailey from Battersea, South London. Not only did he have to travel over 10 miles in which to riot and loot in North London, but instead of being a poor disenfranchised youth, it transpires he’s a school teacher. Outside court he hid his face with a newspaper while throwing obscenities at the waiting TV camera crews.
Next was Haramein Mohammed, a convicted drug dealer who was only released from prison last week. Then there was a postman and father of two Jeffrey Ebanks, 32, charged with looting in Croydon. And I’ll finish (just far too many to list) with student Samon Adesina, 23, who was remanded in custody for a week after allegedly being one of several looters who stole a flat-screen TV from a shopping centre in Surrey Quays. The court heard he thought there were ‘free pickings’ at the store. He will miss his final year at the university in electrical engineering because he is in custody.Hardly the picture of the poor taking to the streets in which to protest social inequalities.
One more:

Only one type could sink to a level lower than the Dole-bred underclass that has been looting and burning the UK: the liberal deep thinkers who created it. David Thompsonreports from Britain:

[W]hile Mothercare burned to the ground and female fire-fighters were dragged from their vehicles and punched insensible, a number of leftist anti-cuts groups announced their “solidarity” with the thugs, thieves and predators. “London,” we learn, “is the world’s biggest Black Bloc.” While student “activist,” chronic liar and Independent blogger Jody McIntyrewas busy using his new media profile to urge further rioting and arson. No doubt the Indie, the Guardian and the New Statesman will be swollen with pride at the doings of their latest protégé. But remember, people. As the Guardian’s Priyamvada Gopal told us recently, setting fire to occupied buildings — resulting in this — isn’t “real” violence. Not when compared to “hypocritical language.” …

Outside of the delinquent left, it’s hard to see gangs of predatory vermin — robbing passers-by, setting people’s homes on fire and assaulting the people trying to put those fires out — as particularly sympathetic or deserving of indulgence. …

Nevertheless, readers may have noticed just how readily and persistently many of our leftist commentators have tried to hammer their default narrative onto events, regardless of the fit. Our glorious state broadcaster spent three days referring to muggers and arsonists as “protestors,” until finally embarrassed out of doing so. I heard one reporter asking a besieged resident, “Is this about the cuts? It’s about the cuts, isn’t it?” When the resident disagreed, the disappointment was audible. Those actually doing the thieving offered more revealing explanations. As one pair of female looters put it while drinking stolen wine: “Chucking bottles, breaking into stuff, it was madness… good though. Good fun. Free alcohol.” Obligingly, with prompting, the duo added a political dimension, of a sort: “It’s the government’s fault. I dunno… the Conservatives… yeah, whatever, whoever it is. We’re showing the police we can do what we want.”

In the Guardian, the comical Nina Power — yes, her — once again wheeled out her rickety Marxist boilerplate. For our academic radical, the causes of the riots are “clear.” And they just happen to correspondwith her own doctrinaire outlook. And so, eagerly, she casts the muggers, thieves and arsonists as the “dispossessed” fighting against “entitlement” and therefore deserving of our “understanding,” which in her case means projection, excuses and flattery. Yet these “dispossessed” souls seemed for the most part quite well kitted out and intent on possessing more. Say, by beating up pensioners, punching women and robbing children of their clothes.

Liberalism is a criminal ideology, built upon theft and coercion. Consequently, no crime is too appalling for the shapers of liberal thought to excuse, as the New York Times proved by whitewashing Stalin’s genocide, for which it received a Pulitzer Prize that to this day it won’t return.

The greedy scum on the streets of Britain are a dream come true for the leftist chattering class. Only when civilization has been completely torn down can the nightmare of progressive absolutism be established.

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  1. How would the elite idiots of the London establishment explain why Americans were not setting cities on fire during the Depression?

    It would take a 10-volume encyclopedia to explain the downfall of civilization.

    In the meantime, put the spoiled brat entitlement mongers in jail.

    In Iran. Since Monkey Ahmadinejad is so concerned about them. Evin Prison might rehabilitate them, with megadoses of Allah’s mercy and compassion.

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