Australia: The Labor Government's War on Free Speech

Andrew Bolt

It is really that bad. Some in the Government are prepared to trash our freedoms just to cling to power. They are acting like gangsters, not statesmen.  Bad law, and worse motives

Australia has only a hand full of conservative columnists. But our Red-Green despots  are hell-bent to shut them up:

Enemies of free speech

Will the inquiry come up with a blacklist of conservative columnists? A guide on how to report the news to suit the Left? Laws against any newspaper proprietor with the first name of “Rupert”?

The agenda of the greens and the Government is transparent and sinister. It is nothing less than an attempt to intimidate or even muzzle its critics.   It is a disgrace that this should be openly proposed, and a scandal that the usual noisy defenders of “human rigts” say nothing in protest.

The Islamic Invasion

Stalinism is “Fairness”

The Greens, a gift that keeps on giving: Rhiannon spruiks the “fairness” of aiding Stalinism

 The Stealth Jihad continues. So does demographic jihad:

As long as there are no Muslims involved, Australia is PC free:
The Greeks were “a thieving nation”, “these Greek deranged dastardly monsters”, “stinking Greek teacher and a spy-for-a-priest”, “freaks of nature”, “deranged monsters” and “an evil alien abstraction”.  (“A commitment to free speech is an essential concept of all liberal democracies of which Australia is one…)   At least our Macedonians are free
A list of Gillard’s Malice & Incompetence


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