Michael Coren Rips Canuck Commie TV

This guy is getting better by the day….

Michael Coren On Sun News CBC Poll – Only Liberals Support The CEEB

” It is, by the way, $1.1 billion. More than a thousand-million dollars of your money, given to highly paid broadcasters to make shows telling us how stupid we are, how awful the Americans are, how we should be more understanding of Islam, how Christianity is stupid, how your military tortures terrorists, how terrorists are actually militants, and how militants are justified.”

Bonus! Michael Coren get’s a letter from Islamwillwin@rogers.com

Thanks to BCF

One thought on “Michael Coren Rips Canuck Commie TV”

  1. Notably the person going by the name “Islam Will Win” knows that it can win through the misuse of legislation. That is the West’s Achilles’ heel.

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