Australian Catholic University Tweets for Islam

Thanks to Mullah for bringing this to my attention.

Mullah sez:

Australian Catholic University plays shahada / “declaration of faith” (in allah)

Conversations with islam, at the expense of the Biblical God

the Australian Catholic University has apparently forgotten that the Biblical God is triune (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and gone whoring after the koranic god, who has no son, and no plan of salvation and eternal life:

Twittering about Islam, ramming Islam down your throat
06 September 2011

Conversations with Islam is the theme of an e-conference aimed at students in years 10 to 12, which will be presented by the  Australian Catholic University (which hosts the  Fethullah Gulen Chair) 

We have ways to make you like it:

It is intended to help open up for high school and college students an awareness and appreciation of Islam and Muslims that is not only integral to their studies in other subject areas but also essential to the strengthening of Australia’s social fabric.

The e-conference will run online from 10am-noon next Friday, 16 September.

Here, in this promotional vid the Islamic headbanger gives his da’awa game away:

Its a disease worse than AIDS or the Ebola virus.

They worship the god of tolerance and abandon reason.

How long will it take before they learn that there are no ‘conversations with Islam’, that there is no such thing as ‘interfaith dialogue’ but all there can ever be is the da’awa, the ‘invitation to Islam?

Vickie sez:

The Catholic Uni has the Fethullah Gulen Chair – not surprising. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Vickie.  The official link is a complete whitewash of the nefarious agenda. The reality is quite different: Fetullah Gulen, the 30 billion ayatollah.

Geoff sez:

I will attend the Banyo site in Brisbane of ACU (if they allow me in).

When you read the intro, you would believe that Catholics think Allah is God.

Hijab and Jihad

“Jihad is frequently misunderstood to refer to violence..for Muslims the great struggle is internal”.

Really?     97% of the verses in the Quran about Jihad are about violent Jihad.

Consider this:

Mohammed said that after worshipping Allah, to fight Jihad in Allah’s cause is the most important. [Bukhari vol 594]

Mohammed said to fight and kill the unbelievers using every strategy of war. [Sura 9:5]
Mohammed said that using terror will make you victorious. [Bukhari vol 4 book 52 no. 220]

Muslim-Christian dialogue

“Christian churches have made great advances with Muslims over the last 50 years”.


  • In Indonesia, churches are regularly burned or destroyed and Christians are prevented from rebuilding.  Christian girls are beheaded during Ramadan as prizes for Muslims.
  • In Egypt, Coptic girls are captured and converted to Islam and married off to Muslim men (womb Jihad).
  • Coptic churches are burned and destroyed. Christians are attacked anywhere.
  • In Nigeria, Christians are murdered at will and churches destroyed.
  • In Gaza, Christian graves are dug up because Christians pollute the Earth (according to Hamas)
  • In Iraq, Christians are captured, threatened, tortured and forced ot of their homes.
  • In Saudi Arabia, you can’t build a church or even carry a Bible.
  • In Britain, christian pastors are prevented from talkng about Jesus (in a Christian country)

etc., etc., etc.

Why can’t the church admit the bleeding obvious?

1) Allah is not God
2) Islam is not an Abrahamic faith
3) Isa is not Jesus
4) Sharia law is contradictory to and opposes the Ten Commandments.


7 thoughts on “Australian Catholic University Tweets for Islam”

  1. I used to work at a Catholic college. It was disgusting the way their Muslim faculty members lied about Islam at the annual convocations and the way the rest of the dhimmwitted faculty sucked it up. The Catholic Church as a whole seems to be sucking up to Islamonazism across the board. Maybe they’re hoping to be declared the only official Christian church in the caliphate to come. In the few Islamonazi states in which Christianity still exists I hope people realize it’s only CERTAIN denominations of Christianity that are allowed to exist AT ALL.

  2. It is the rise of Mystery Babylon the Great – a harlot religion that sits on many waters, lording it over the nations and kings that sleep with it, until they destroy it (Rev 17 / 18)

  3. “Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter”

    Isaiah 5:20 (Douay Rheims)

  4. It is intended to help open up for high school and college students an awareness and appreciation of Atheism and Freethinkers that is not only integral to their studies in other subject areas but also essential to the strengthening of Australia’s social fabric, freedom of speech and ability to reason rationally.

    Much better!

  5. Catholics don’t accept the Bible as the Final Authority in all matters of faith and practice.

    Just like Islam, Catholic teaching SERIOUSLY contradicts the Bible!!

  6. I had fun with a Catholic running for the US Senate a few years ago about one of these contradictory teachings. As with islam, the fault was with me, not the erroneous doctrine – it turned out I needed to undertake “Holy Orders” in order to understand the doctrine – much as muslims tell us we are “ignorant” …

    Birds of a feather.

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