Its been 10 years….

… and its getting worse by the day:

Bloombugger Watch

People should stop calling the site of the September 11 attacks ‘Ground Zero,’ New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said today, urging Americans to move past a term long linked with the World Trade Center’s twin towers destruction.

Thats like trying to call the bombing of Coventry and London during the Blitz “Urban Renewal”…

‘Fearful’ Muzz:

Muslim Brotherhood MAS, Hamas-linked CAIR sponsor “Muslim Family Day” at Six Flags

 “The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is coming up, and already there is much fear going on. We have to get out of that. It’s been 10 years.”…

Muslims are victims:

 How to make Islamic Agit-Prop

In the past 10 years, a new genre of film has proliferated on the Web: the 9/11 conspiracy documentary.  Here’s step one: don’t spare the melodrama…..

A commenter on JW nails it:

The bottom line message from 9/11 is that only Muslims can be victims of 9/11, through the ongoing campaign of ‘Islamophobia’ orchestrated by a tiny group of Zionists, racists and Christian extremists. The 3000 incinerated kuffars were simply collateral damage.

It’s likely that the spin doctors of the immensely wealthy and influential Organisation of Islamic Conquest are currently working hard at ‘rebranding’ 9/11.

The attack will be increasingly portrayed as an impersonal disaster like a hurricane, that was no-one’s fault. The hijackers, in so far as they are mentioned, were deranged solitary loners who had nothing to do with Islam and just happened to be Muslims, in the same way they could equally well have been Methodists or Quakers.

My guess is that within five years, we’ll see the 11th of September celebrated as ‘Interfaith Understanding Day’ or something similar, with lots of da’wah, anti-Islamophobia propaganda and diversionary kitsch aimed at blotting out the memory of its origins.

2 thoughts on “Its been 10 years….”

  1. Frontline was mindless droning on about how “religion” flew planes into the buildings on 9-11, which really is a classic example of Islamonazi Kitman in action, because while saying “religion” few planes into the buildings on 9-11 it’s highly deceptive since no other religions besides practioners of Pisslam were piloting the planes.

  2. Oh HELL NO! Bloomberg cam just go fuck himself, stupid islamoblow jackass! He doesn’t get to tell us what we can call GROUND ZERO or how we should remember our murdered dead who were killed for ISLAM. Fuck him and fuck the mohamadeens and their perpetual cries of imaginary victimhood. if they don’t like the image problem that they have, then they should stop fucking killing us or trying to cram their islamic supremacist bullshit down our throats! Screw them.
    I am so sick of this shit, and I have no intentions of being polite about it either. Bloomberg and his filthy asslifting comrades can all go straight to hell. Screw them.

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