Fartwa: Is it obligatory to remove pubic hair for women?

Yes, it is obligatory for women to remove pubic hair.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Muhammad Hashim


Q: What is the area of shaving the pubic hair for a male and female? 
A: The area immediately under the navel is not to be shaven. 

The area of shaving for a person (male / female) is above and around the private parts. If possible, it is commendable to shave around the hind private parts as well. (Al-Kaamil, commentary of Muslim; Imaam Nawawi vol. 1 pg. 128).

Where would we be without the wisdom of Ibrahim Desai? 

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  1. Arresting hookers would ruin a great islamic tradition, the headscarf is from it’s origin a symbol of hookers. Therefor there cannot be any visible difference between the wife of a moslem and a prostitute.

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