Jihad Finance: The UN Aids & Abets Jihad Against Israel

Well, this is no secret; we have known that for a long time. Its just that they do it without any pretenses these days.  The Obama regime has brought the haters out in the open:

David Bedein: UN Supporting Pal-Arab War Against the Jews

From the Elder of Ziyon:

See  also the Elder’s last post,  this one from last week, and this one from two weeks ago.

That’s a lot of intransigence for a supposed “moderate.”
Video of Mahmoud Abbas’ intransigence

Other News:

Abbas accuses Jews of releasing Zionist pigs against his people! (updated)

According to a number of people tweeting the speech live, Abbas accused settlers of releasing trained dogs and wild hogs to attack Palestinian Arabs!

Suddenly welcome:

“Jews welcome” in Palestinian state? Who believes this? (updated)

Palestinian Authority backpedals on talk of Jew-free state: An update on this story. Predictably, even though Maen Rashid Areikat made these same comments last year, he is now said to have been misquoted, and as reported below, he wants USA Today to “reverse the story.”

Free speech (but not for Israel)

Free speech “expert” defends shutting down Israelis’ free speech

Professor Terada’s thesis is that, apparently, anyone has the right to stop anyone else from speaking in the name of “free speech.”

Her ideas are very skewed, to say the least.

Allowing Oren to talk is free speech. Supporting people to conspire to stop his speech is against free speech.

The Arabs already have a state; in fact many states:
Jordan’s Palestinian problem