New York Caves in to Muslim Taxi Drivers

New York Caves In:

Muslim taxi drivers in New York win battle to take down strip club ads from their roofs
Hopeless.  Muslims have no business to prevent advertisers from promoting a legitimate business. To allow these creeps to dictate what kind of ads taxis can carry is typical for the dhimmified Bloombugger regime… (Daily Mail)

Canada School Prayers:

“The public school system has become a prisoner of the mosque” 

How did a mosque end up in a public school? It’s ridiculous. Religious indoctrination should not be funded by tax dollars….”

Canadidan Politicians Support Muslim Prayers in Public Schools

One thought on “New York Caves in to Muslim Taxi Drivers”

  1. Someone suggested these options to fight back:
    1) do not leave a tip
    2) Leave the door open when you walk away
    3) Walk away laughing

    Works for me.

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