"Someone really needs to put some duct tape over Allen West’s mouth"

The Sun Sentinel’s Nicole Brochu is so deluded it makes your head hurt. She normally writes about health, so perhaps she should stick to selling snake oil. When she squirts ink, she turns into a typically clueless Islam propagandist, mindless, ignorant, stoopid and bellicose. May the burqa rest lightly on your shoulders, Nicole!

Is Rep. Allen West dangerously fueling anti-Islamic sentiment with his remarks?

So much for free speech in the US of A. Leftist loons are a pest and a danger to us all.  And who writes this trash? A Nicole Brochu, Senior Editorial Writer from the Sun Sentinel. Frankly, I’m beginning to believe that the only way to reason with these f*kcwits is a baseball bat. Allen West is a war-hero who understands Islam. For Nicole Brochu to sling feces at him makes herself look like she’s covered in it.

Someone really needs to put some duct tape over Allen West’s mouth.

Not only is the man embarrassing himself as an American, and as a military veteran who supposedly fought for the U.S. principles of freedom and equality, but for an elected leader to spout the kind of anti-Muslim invective constantly streaming from West’s mouth is an embarrassment to our country.

No Nicole. You are an embarrassment to your country and a danger to us all.

Especially as we approach the tenth anniversary of 9-11. At a time when we as a nation need to be coming together in unity to honor those whose lives were lost in a hate-filled attack, West is using the 9-11 anniversary to encourage more hate.

He calls it “multiculturalism on steroids,” and worries that political correctness is preventing us from being afraid enough – of an entire people worshipping a religion most of us little understand.

You are free to educate yourself, Nicole. Start today. Do some close reading of Koran, sira & hadith. Start by reading up on 1400 years of Mohammedan history instead of throwing invectives at a man who has more knowledge and understanding than a million of your kind.

We don’t need to fear those who worship Islam, Congressman. We need to fear bomb-strapped radicals who use their religion as an excuse to inflict their hate, and more often than you’ll ever understand, there’s a big difference between the two. Just as there’s a difference between the Timothy McVeighs of the world who would twist the teachings of Christianity to suit their evil tendencies.

McVeigh did’nt twist the ‘teachings of Christianity, Nicole. He was not a Christian and he never invoked Christianity. You are ignorant and stupid to even mention it. And you obviously have a problem with the truth. 

West doesn’t get that, and why should he? Too many close-minded apologists are celebrating him as a hero for feeding into their own fears, and making them feel superior in the process. It’s a disgusting display of phony Americanism.

West and his dangerous rhetoric are exactly what this country doesn’t need at this solemn moment in our nation’s history. If only duct tape would be enough to shut him up.

Not. It is you who shouldn’t have an editors job at the Sun Sentinel, Nicole. You are clearly not up to it. Take your meds and seek help! 

Ironically, not even the readers of Nicole’s fishwrap are buying her drivel. Check out the poll, here:


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  1. OIC pretends to remember victims of “9/11”, conveniently forgets who the perps were, and pushes its own islamic, speech-muzzling agenda;


    OIC remembers victims of 9/11 on 10th anniversary

    [JEDDAH: On the 10th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) joins the international community in remembering the horrendous and cowardly act of terrorism and the tragic loss of thousands of innocent human lives.

    The OIC was among the first in expressing shock and horror at the dastardly terrorist attack and in condemning it in the strongest terms.]

    [The OIC believes that the limits of discrimination and racism have already been defined by existing international human rights instruments, including the consensually adopted HRC Resolution 16/18. It is equally important to recall the need to observe the UNGA Resolution 62/272 of Sept. 5, 2008, which negates the association of Islam to terrorism. The OIC, in this regard, calls for the full adherence to these and other similar resolutions and instruments.]

    The “root cause” of islamic terrorism is “Allah” – the Biblical God will defeat it and bind it in the Lake of Fire.

    The war is hotting up.

  2. I’d pay good money to view this ‘poptart’ answer to Lt. Col. Allen West, as he asks her to clarify her position.
    These ‘journalists’ no longer offend me, they entertain me with their ignorant self-righteous indignation.
    The Sun Sentinel hasn’t had a staff ‘person-on-the-ground’ series. May I suggest they promote this “poptart” to personally report from Egypt on the progress of the “Arab Spring”. To be fair, I suggest this poptart
    consult with CNN given their recent rude awakening.
    Lan Astaslem.

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