Thailand: Acid Attacks on Foreigners, More Jihad in the South

Acid attack on foreigners at train station

A foreign woman artist, Elizabeth Briel, reported on Twitter on Friday that she and her husband had acid sprayed at their faces at the Asoke skytrain station last night.

 She said the acid was directed at them from the stairway leading to the station near Robinson shopping mall.  Mrs Briel said her husband’s eyes were damaged but would be okay, while she has a burnt scalp. (Bangkok Post)

 Three dead Malaysians, killed by jihadists in Thailand–where’s the outrage?

And bear in mind that one of those Malaysians who was killed just on the other side of the border yesterday in ‘restive’ (i.e. jihad afflicted) southern Thailand was a three year old. So, where’s the public outrage and indignation? If Muslims, I mean we Malaysians, can get angry enough to protest in the streets about cartoons that supposedly insult Islam’s ‘prophet’, or about supporting Hamas and Hamas-ruled Gaza, or supporting yet another terrorist outfit in Sri Lanka, then where’s the anger in this case? Perhaps a child getting blown up by Muslim terrorists is not enough of a clear-cut atrocity for Malaysians to get riled up about?

Muslims may be quick to anger, but what they’re getting angry at depends on a number of variables. If any Muslim, or Islam, is in any way conceivably insulted or slighted in the slightest by non Muslims, well it’s time to roll out the vaguely-threatening public statements, street demonstrations, or worse. If someone has been killed, then the ‘value’ of the death depends on who’s been killed and who’s the killer, or who can be plausibly made out to be the killer. As we’ll see in the case of the dead Malaysians in Thailand, who are of Chinese descent, a dead ‘infidel’ at the hands of Muslims has no value. Hence this tragedy will hold no interest to Muslims. As far as Malaysians are concerned, officially or unofficially, Muslims are largely blameless and Islam is entirely blameless for violence of any sort. All facts which undermine these long-cherished notions are studiously ignored.

On the other hand, if the deaths of Muslims can be plausibly (or even implausibly) laid at the hands of infidels, in particular America or Israel, then out come the daggers and the calls for blood to be spilled – both here in Malaysia and anywhere else Muslims happen to reside.

Lest we infidels forget, this is worth repeating: Islam equals hypocrisy par excellence.

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  1. First I sincerely believe that the acid spraying incident at Asoke was just stupidity and not at all Islam related. Secondly Malaysia is the safe haven for Mohammedan Terrorists the place where Mohammedan Terrorists go for supplies and training and part of the route for terrorists to Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Terrorist SCUM that cross the border between Malaysia and Thailand and also to the Philippines run back to Malaysia for safety where they are hidden and helped. They also train and supplied the Indonesian Bali and Jakarta bombers. Malaysia is the spawning place for SE Asian terrorism. Malaysia is the PAKISTAN of SE Asia.

  2. maybe Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippine should get some some hogs and turn them loose that will keep out the muslims

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