A Muslim wouldn't lie to you….

No one wants them, of course. “Nobody mentions him — nobody in New York. There is not a big demand for him.”

That’s why they’re still selling them. Tiny Minority of Extremists Update: “Mouthpiece of madness sells in B’klyn,” by Len Maniace for the New York Post, October 1:    (Awlaki sermons via JW) 

Awlaki dearly missed:

Muslims are always innocent

Most Muslims are moderate:

Muslims just want to practice their religion:

Iran desperately piles on new allegations against apostate from Islam facing death penalty

“In a translated Iranian Supreme Court brief from 2010, however, the charge of apostasy is the only charge leveled against Nadarkhani.”

But suddenly, Youcef Nadarkhani is not just an apostate, but a “Zionist” and “traitor.” Now he’s also accused of rape and extortion. Nadarkhani’s lawyer said the deputy governor’s comments were the first mention in all this time of “security”-related crimes, as Iran tries to make its case against mounting international pressure and disgust at this case.

“Iranian pastor faces death for rape, not apostasy – report,” from CNN, September 30/JW

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  1. How dare this Abu Jibreel sit there showing the entire world his bare legs. Not much of a muslim, is he.

  2. Abu Jibreel, sure look like one muscum , unshaven, showing his hairy legs, unshowered and stink ( I bet you)! He needs to remove his tattoo on his legs bcause he has to comply with his new found sharia….

  3. Suprised he’s not guesting on al-bbc this morning, funny how they squeal about guantanamo and glorify ex-inmates but have found time to mention the pastor, but then again he’s a Christian and Christianity is becoming unmentionable in their world!

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