Brian Fischer: No Such Thing As Moderate Islam

“Islamo-realism” is what’s needed:

Naturally, the leftarded TPM have their knickers in a twist over this “conservative shock jock”

Some highlights:

“Christians and Muslims do not believe in the same God.”

“I believe it’s important that we have a president who understands that Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of war and violence and death.”

“Every single Mosque in America is a potential recruiting or training cell for Islamic terror.”

“The greatest long-term threat to our security and liberty is not radical Islam, but Islam itself.”

“This is not Islamophobia, this is Islamo-realism.”

“The more devout a Muslim becomes, the more of a threat he becomes to our national security.”

4 thoughts on “Brian Fischer: No Such Thing As Moderate Islam”

  1. Bravo Brian Fisher, you words are the reallity and the bug true about muslims. They grow as a cancer, when is big enought it kill the body that feed him…..they simple as one simple goal in live destroy our civilization and our countries. Every single muslims supports the jihad and contribute with money and personnel suport ( moderates ), another group the milicias act in our countries as a torjan, and the jihadists the muslim army, and all is cordenated by imãs—

  2. Excellent speech by Fischer. He pretty much outlines the main points that would lead an intelligent, rational human being to the same conclusion about islam. That being that its a politico-religious system of beliefs that is fundamentally intolerant, divisive and totalitarian. Islam is fascism.

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