From the Islamic Paradise of Pakistan


Doctor Who Helped Catch Bin Laden Faces Death for Treason…

A Paki doctor accused of running a vaccination programme for the CIA to help track down Osama Bin Laden should be put on trial for high treason, a government commission in Pakistan has said.

Such a charge carries the death penalty and is likely to infuriate U.S. officials, who are pushing for Dr Shakil Afridi’s release.   He has been in the custody of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency since soon after the May 2 American raid that killed bin Laden. (source)

Dress for success:

Over sixty masked men wielding iron rods invade girls’ school and beat students and teachers for not dressing “modestly”

The intrepid, manly mujahedin in action again. Not surprisingly, this attack had another effect that was certainly hoped for: out of a school of 400, only about 25 girls returned after the attack. Not only did the police fail to intervene, they were reportedly instructed to do nothing.

Jihad causes poverty. “Dress modestly: Masked men enter girls’ school, thrash students,” by Azam Khan for the Express Tribune, October 9

Pakis Dance:

Muslim murders three relatives in honor killing, dances happily around their dead bodies

Will the Islamophobia never end? “Celebrating death: Men dance around bodies after shooting 3 relatives,” by Shamsul Islam for The Express Tribune, October 8 (thanks toThe Religion of Peace):

 The Paki Double Game:

Quit criticizing us for not fighting jihadists or we won’t be able to fight the jihadists

Shut up, the Pakistani senator explained. “Pakistan says Obama pressure on militants hurts Afghanistan,” by Augustine Anthony for Reuters, October 7:

 For once, Karzai tells the truth:

Few officials — not even high-ranking ones — are mincing words about Pakistan anymore. Pakistan, for its part, surely has an injured, offended response in the works. “Karzai: Taliban can’t move finger without Pakistan,” by Deb Reichmann for theAssociated Press, October 7:

Land Grab:

Police refuse to investigate or detain Muslims in shooting rampage that killed one Christian and injured over 20

The attack was intended to be a land grab, reportedly orchestrated by an influential local Muslim, but the assailants were obviously prepared to kill in the process, clearly confident all along that the police would look the other way. “Pakistan Muslim Militants Kill Christian, Injure 20,” by Stefan J. Bos for BosNewsLife, October 7

 Islamic Democracy:

Lawyer for assassin of governor who criticized blasphemy law says killing wasn’t “terrorism” because people wanted him dead

The attorney also argued that the Sharia court had jurisdiction, not the civil court, which he said ignored Islamic jurisprudence about blasphemy and so rudely fixated instead on the fact that Mumtaz Qadri committed murder.

It is noteworthy that Salman Taseer, the victim, is now cast as a blasphemer himself. That is indeed the reason he was killed: for committing blasphemy against the blasphemy law. “Pakistani Muslims on strike against the death sentence for the murder of Salman Taseer,” by Jibran Khan for Asia News, October 7:

Time for the US to Get Tough with Pakistan (LA Times)

“The U.S. campaign against global terrorism cannot succeed as long as Pakistan’s army and ISI continue to support terrorist sanctuaries and training facilities inside Pakistan.”

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  1. Hey Skhan,
    Going to re-educate your useless parasitic brethren that it is not ok to beat up women??? No!! Well, no surprises there. I can pull up 50 examples of murderous muslim behavior for every single good dead that muslims “may” have done – curiously for all other religions the ratio is inverted. And that say a lot about idiots like Skhan and the brain dead mules who continuously parrot claims about islam being a religion of peace LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. “The U.S. campaign against global terrorism cannot succeed as long as Pakistan’s army and ISI continue to support terrorist sanctuaries and training facilities inside Pakistan.”

    and as long as the whole of the western world is financially supporting Pakistan and the ISI. Maybe we could call for a general boycott of goods from islamic countries (oil?) much as they demand we boycott Israeli goods.

  3. A long time ago when India was screaming over the insidious activities of the ISI and Pakistan as a whole and its thousands of madrassahs spurting out hundereds of freaks no one cared to listen. Saudi Arabia, Libya and others funded the Islamist scourge throughout the world even reaching into the Philippines and Northern Malaysia. Now of course deep into Indonesia and Australia and New Zealand.
    Europe has woken up to this situation and it is more than evident that the Secret and Special forces of these countries and the USA ( are avoiding a political spat with the Middle East and the Pakistan hub ) but keeping things in tab through obvious political tactics.
    Pakistanis are now deeply engrosssed clandenstinely in worldwide terror by their bretheren who were trained by the ISI and in the Madrassahs to operate throughout the world.

    Pakistan, as a Nation, does NOT exist. It is a conglomerate of a number of racially and religiously and politically different forces pulling it apart both centrifugally and centripetedly. Like the Balkans it will in the course of time cease to exist as a Nation.
    It is the well fed and well looked after Army and the Feudal politicians who are keeping it into breaking asunder for the time being. The Afghanis know that the Talibans in Afghanistan are the stooges of Pakistan. The Afghanis may repay Pakistan in kind in the days to come.

    The West could help to expedite that destruction like what was masterminded in the Balkans and thereby reduce the worldwide insurgency, scourge and terrorism that Pakistan masterminds.

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