Preemptive Dhimmitude in New Zealand: "Hateful Comments Not Helpful"

Sensitivity Training Needed!

Any criticism of Islam, even a joke that could ‘offend’ the soldiers of allah, is “not helpful.” Every obstacle, every hindrance to the Islamization of western countries  must be  removed.  Wherever the soldiers of allah settled behind enemy lines, even in NZ,  there are self-appointed muttawas,  useful idiots who act as religious police,   who censor  speech that could possibly offend Mohammedan culture enrichers. If this continues, the people of NZ will go the way of the Dodo.

NZ Herald News

A Radio New Zealand host’s reference to a “suicide bomber Barbie” doll for the Muslim market has been labelled hateful and divisive.

Never mind the countless daily  suicide bombings committed by Koranimals around the globe: joking about it is “hateful and divisive.” Never mind that Islam divides the world in believer in unbeliever, pollutes children’s minds with genocide  and hatred for the non Muslim: no, in todays bizarro world it is the ugly reality that is bothersome, because it could offend the soldiers of allah.  The lefty loons are so infatuated with  our  exotic cultural enrichers that they rather turn on those who tell the truth….

There’s a hard rain gonna fall….

The comment was made by host Paul Brennan while standing in on Jim Mora’s regular afternoon show last Thursday.

Brennan had been discussing niche Barbie doll products for adult collectors when panelist John Bishop said there was “a huge market in the Muslim world” and asked why there couldn’t be “a terrorist Barbie”.

Brennan then suggested a “suicide bomber Barbie” that came with a little belt.

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In other news:

 Three Australian soldiers dead and seven others wounded in Afghanistan

Immediately after the shootings, Afghan members of the 6th Kandak were disarmed and confined to barracks amid fears of more rogue soldiers.   They have since been allowed out, but remain without weapons.

Stephen Smith, Australia’s Defence(-less) Minister,  said what he always says when these things happen:

“We may never know the motivation”

Radio New Zealand has cautioned the presenters about inappropriate remarks after receiving 13 formal complaints over the exchange.

One complainant, Gisborne councillor Manu Caddie, said he was surprised to hear such stereotypes on the national broadcaster and had to check he wasn’t listening to talkback radio.

“I thought it was pretty hateful kind of comments and not particularly helpful or the kind of thing we want to be promoting in New Zealand,” he said.

“I think we’ve done well to create a fairly tolerant, multicultural society and those kind of comments aren’t going to help promote that kind of openness and diversity.”

Mr Caddie said people were free to air their opinions but he expected higher standards from Radio New Zealand.

International Muslim Association of New Zealand president Asif Koya said he had only just learned of the comments and did not want to say anything before hearing them, but added: “If comments like that have been made, then I would be disappointed with Radio New Zealand and the panelists concerned.”

A Radio New Zealand spokesman said the complaints cited different broadcasting standards and were being reviewed against both the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice the broadcaster’s own standards.

“The comments were made as an ill-judged attempt at humour, they were in poor taste and are regretted by Radio New Zealand.

“The presenters involved have been informed of listener reaction and cautioned about any such inappropriate comments in the future.”

Radio New Zealand took all complaints seriously and would work to deal with the complaints within the statutory time period.

A Human Rights Commission spokesman said it deplored anything targeting a particular group and did not condone language or terms offensive to groups within society.

However, comments in the media fell outside the commission’s scope and should be dealt with through complaints directly to broadcasters and later the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

A BSA spokeswoman said it had not yet received any complaints.

10 thoughts on “Preemptive Dhimmitude in New Zealand: "Hateful Comments Not Helpful"”

  1. Humour is frequently outlawed in NZ. Awhile back , the smartest , funniest journo on telly lost his job supposedly because of racist comments..This sort of piffle tends to dominate the news for weeks. I saw this on the Herald web page last night was very surprised that it was not on the TV news this am. We have an election in three weeks and I will be disgusted if this rot takes over the ”news.”
    Jim Mora has an odd voice and is a bit staid and boring..unfortunately , this young guy is likely to be side lined..What a huge crime he has committed , making a joke about those who are unable to laugh at themselves. Muslims are not a special group in NZ society; they are a dangerous menace who should not be here.

  2. I found the comment entirely appropriate considering the almost 18,000 muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11.

  3. Agreed”WPF” – the islamist idiots still believe that if they call a square a circle we should believe them!

  4. Disgusting that the Mullahs can continue to bleat their messages of racism and and hatred. But anyone who points out their hateful messages is a “racist”.

  5. Viker,
    People need to openly lobby against those who try and use PC argument to silence critics of islam. islam is a very flawed horse, and not to say so is irresponsible at best, criminal at worst.

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