You can malign the EDL supporters all you like, but you ignore their basic message at at your peril….

Yet another leftist drone maligns and derides the EDL.

Here’s their website, in case you want to sign up.

“Most English Defence League members, a Demos survey suggests, are keyboard warriors who have yet to go on a march”.

Jamie Bartlett from the Guardian (of terrorists)

Only a quarter of EDL ‘fans’ on Facebook have travelled to a national demonstration such as the one pictured in Luton.

The ROP charade continues:

UK Terror Suspect Lives Large at Taxpayer Expense…

The 33-year-old has received £1million in compensation after claiming he was tortured with the complicity of the British security services at the U.S.’s infamous Guantanamo Bay naval base.

The Usual Suspects:

UK Muslim Group Plans to Disrupt Remembrance Day with ‘Hell for Heroes’ Protest…
No respect: Muslim protesters burn a poppy at a Muslims against Remembrance Day protest last year

3 thoughts on “You can malign the EDL supporters all you like, but you ignore their basic message at at your peril….”

  1. Britain just abstained from a vote for “Fakestine” at UNESCO. That speaks volumes about where they stand concerning the enemy. They should have voted against it, hands down.

    Contrast that with the EDL’s wish to save Britain from the muslim enemy (which now includes their own government) and pick a side.

  2. Ahh the Ethiopian CITIZEN Benyamin who came to UK to seek Asylum (from what??) was refused but granted leave to stay to appeal. he then absconded of his own free will BEFORE his leave to stay expired. As a DRUG ADDICT he went to Afghanistan to seek “TREATMENT????” as you do. While there he had a rest stay at a TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP. Then he decided he wanted to come back to UK and he was caught at an airport in PAKISTAN with a false passport and TERRORIST TRAINING MATERIAL. The Pakistanis handed him over to the Yanks who sent him to Gitmo. End of story Oh No the UK Govt lobbied for the release of this ETHIOPIAN CITIZEN and when he was they chartered a PRIVATE JET just for him to fly him back to UK where they showered him with BENEFITS and a FREE HOUSE to live in. To show his GRATITUDE Benyamin sued them and has just been granted both UK Citizenship AND £1,000,000. Oh the joys of Terrorism, ‘Yuman Rites’ the EU and the stupidity of the UK Government

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