Eid, Bloody Eid….

From the Religion of Peace:

 Eid al-Adha: Tough on Animals (Tribune)

An open-minded Pakistani writer points out that the ritual slaughter of animals is neither necessary nor beneficial to collective mental health. (Unsurprisingly, he finds little support among those who see “Islamic values” threatened…)



eye on the world is trying to keep a tab:

Eid greetings from around the Muslim world


Afghanistan: Seven killed in Baghlan Eid suicide attack:

(BBC) A suicide bomber has killed at least seven people near a mosque in Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan province, say officials.

The bomb went off as worshippers were leaving the mosque in Old Baghlan City after prayers marking the start of the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha.

Officials said two police officers were among the dead; at least 18 people were wounded. []

Iraq: At least 10 dead after triple blasts in Baghdad:

(Reuters) – At least 10 people were killed when three bomb blasts rocked a busy market in Iraq’s capital on Sunday where people were shopping for the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, police sources said.

The blasts occurred in Shurja, an important commercial district in central Baghdad where shop owners and vendors sell clothes, electronics, textiles, food and other goods. []

Syrian forces kill 13:

Syrian Crackdown: 3,500 Dead…

(ABC) Syrian forces shot dead at least 13 civilians on Sunday in a continued military assault on the restive city of Homs and in attacks on pro-democracy demonstrations that erupted after prayers marking the main Muslim feast, activists said. []

Gaza: Palestinian terrorists renew rocket fire toward Israel:

(Haaretz) Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip renewed their rocket fire against Israel overnight Sunday. The first rocket was launched just after midnight and exploded in an open field south of Ashkelon.

Another was fired a few hours later toward the same area, and struck an open field as well. []

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  1. One day’s partying turned the Algerian capital, Alger, into an open air slaughterhouse (El Watan)

    Inhabitants’ health could be in danger

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