5 thoughts on “They wear the chador for Allah, voluntarily, right?”

  1. And when I call for the banning of any form of religious head wear for women in Australia it is considered racist and bigoted. When are the Left going to realise that any form of “religious” head wear is a symbol of the repression of women. Australian women who convert (revert) to islam and wear islamic gear are worse than women born into islam because they should know better. Has anyone else noticed that women reverts in Australia are fat & ugly so covering themselves is their way of hiding from the world. I find any form of religiouly mandated covering for women offensive and that includes the way that Bretheren women dress their hair. Have they no pride?

  2. Why are the Western feminist/Marxist academics so silent? Why are these same academics restructuring Islam with complete disregard for the facts. It is because they are still cowering in the 80’s shadow of Said’s much discredited “Orientalism.” These same “academics”are astute enough to preserve their careers at the expense of the truth.
    Think it’s time for Australia’s “academics” to grab a research grant and go on a fact finding tour of the Middle East. Some journalists like David Marr might like to go as well.

  3. OYEA: Have they no pride?

    Actually they have it in abundance. Women have to cover up their crowning glory as the hair on a woman’s head is the representation of her sexual power over men. This is plain as day during the ‘visit to the hairdresser rituals’ young women before high school formals and weddings. For men it is also a representation of power as per the hairy chested male stereotype and the bible story of how Deliah tricked Samson of the secret of his power also illustrates this ancient archetype. For women their power is, as the cat-meat sheik said to muttered agrrements from his male listeners at the mosque, their allurement, Islam decreeing males incapable of resisting this Medusa like power, as per Mohammed’s incapacity in this regard. So to the muslim male women must cover up to remove this power from them, lest, as one imam once told a 60 Minutes reporter, the males ejaculate in the street on being bewitched by the sight of a woman’s hair.

    To the woman who covers up it offers her the opportunity to show all and sundry how pious she is. This is not modesty but immodesty and pride in abundance.

    As you say OYEA most reverts are not head turners. Nor for that matter are most women, the head turners are in such short supply that they are able to make money by selling their attractive features to advertisers etc. The head covering might serve a purpose in ensuring Muslim men are not distracted by the 5% of females who are head turners but what about the 95% of ordinary looking and overweight women: Well it allows them to kid themselves that they are as attractive and irresistable to lustful muslin males as are the 5% of attractive ones, and then also parade their modesty for all to observe how modest they are.

  4. Someone please send this to the ghastly Lee Rhiannon, who shared the Sydney town hall platform and so her ideology with Sheik Hilali of Lakemba who recently was personal guest chez the Iranian wannabe Hitler. That nasty woman shares the balance of power!

    My fearfull prediction: All women HAVING to wear the chador, and Jews the Yellow star, is only one vote for Lee Rhiannon (and most of the Greens) away.

  5. this story is sick! it shows the brutality of the “Religion of Peace” in all its force. this is just too sicking for words! i hope she’s now a Christian, becuase in Jessu we can find forgivness and new life both here and in the future.

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