Hassan Chalghoumi, Imam of the Drancy Mosque, Paris, seems to get his Islam all wrong….

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

French Imam’s Wake-up Call to Europe and the West

Hassen Chalghoumi

He seems to think Muslim women in France should not wear the niqab, for which  he was attacked  by his co-religionists.  Chalghoumi is against forced marriages, female genital mutilations, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Union of Islamic Organisations of France. At one stage he had to go on a run because he said friendly things about Jews:  Jew Friendly Imam on the Run.

Now, after the Charlie Habdo bombing,  Imam Chalghoumi has another  warning for the west :

“I say to the people of France, to Europe and the West in general, but I say also to journalists: Wake-up! Stop supporting political Islam. Do not be naive. These people are intolerant. They threaten even the Muslims they consider too moderate.” 

“I know the double language of the Islamists”

French Imam’s Wake-up Call to Europe and the West (Read it all)

Here, in this older video, the good imam is lecturing a female reporter on why  Muslim women should not wear  the niqab  in France:

7 thoughts on “Hassan Chalghoumi, Imam of the Drancy Mosque, Paris, seems to get his Islam all wrong….”

  1. It could also be a case of this good Imam knowing full well that political Islam has ‘not’ yet firmly entrenched itself to beat of an attack from others who are fed up with this cult.

    This very well could be a case of the “Good cop, bad cop” game.

    If he’s stirred the ire of his co-religionists why is he still alive? many others have already been done away with.

    1. Yes of course.

      The jihadists differ only in the method, between the open, aggressive jihad and the sly jihad, or stealth jihad, by subversion, infiltration, etc.

      There is no reform movement to speak of; the world belongs to allah and everyone must submit.

      The fast jihadists who engage in terrorism, aggression and crime against their infidel hosts are not necessarily opposed by those who sit and wait until the numbers change in their favor. They compliment and cover for each other.

      The endgame is the same.

  2. By definition and content of the quran it is not possible to reform islam. Islam cannot be reformed – it can only be destroyed and replaced. However, in order to avoid a massive amount of bloodshed, muslims MUST undertake this task themselves. It will be curious to note if any muslims are actually capable of this task and of inspiring their people to positive change, but I suspect that there are none and that we will have to prosecute a viscous war to cleanse our societies from the polluting filth of islam. Having lived through a civil war I understand very well the meaning of the previous sentence. islam is a millstone around the neck of humanity – it has nothing positive to offer and has offered and given nothing positive in the past. The sheik is correct – the actions of perceived moderates and islamists yield the same endgame for the rest of us – a fight to survive and the violent destruction of islam.

  3. Sheik,

    if this statement by the French imam is related to the banning of the burka, maybe imams in Italy and Holland will follow suit. The burka is banned in Holland also.

  4. Reddog333,
    Italy may well follow, but I cannot see Holland having the moral courage to take a stand against the implication of wearing the offensive garment.

  5. He will need to watch his back at every minute of the day – because he has the courage of his convictions and speaks the truth. Truth cannot be tolerated by ISLAM.

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