"islam is not a religion…"

Well, Islam is a religion.

Muslims terrorize you and murder you for it. Muslims worship the unholy trinity of Muhammad, the Koran  and the sharia, Islamic law.  Who says a religion has to be a good thing?  Our western concept of what religion is, or should be,  is not shared by the soldiers of allah who are determined to kill and die to make Muhammads religion ideology victorious over all others.    Who says  religion should be reduced to being a private, spiritual affair  for the ‘common good’ or some such?

GOP Hillsborough court clerk candidate’s letter declares Islam is ‘not a religion’

TAMPA — A Republican candidate for Hillsborough Clerk of Circuit Court on Monday fired off a letter saying Islam is “not a religion” but a theocracy that is “totalitarian and littered with human rights violations.”

Scott D. Barrish, a 35-year-old private security officer who previously ran unsuccessfully for the Hillsborough School Board, sent the letter to the Council of American-Islamic Relations. He signed it as a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party’s executive committee.

“Your efforts in espousing Islam in America and Florida will not succeed,” Barrish wrote. “This is us vs. you. In the great words of the late President Ronald Reagan, ‘I win, you lose!’ “

Barrish said in an interview that he sent the e-mail letter because the group had engaged in what he called publicity stunts. CAIR, for instance, thanked Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio for declining to speak at the upcoming Florida tea party convention because it featured a presentation by an “anti-Islam extremist.”

“I don’t sugarcoat things and I don’t use (political correctness),” Barrish said. “I’m like a (New Jersey Gov.) Chris Christie. I say it like it is.”

Barrish, who said he had spent the past two years studying Islam, said he signed the letter as a member of the Hillsborough GOP to show his credentials, not to speak for the party.

But the Florida chapter of CAIR used Barrish’s letter in a press statement Monday.

“It is imperative that Republican Party leaders at the state and national levels repudiate these bigoted comments and take concrete steps to challenge the growing perception that the GOP is not a big tent party that welcomes Muslims,” said Tampa executive director Hassan Shibly.

Deborah Cox-Roush, the Hills­borough GOP executive director, had not seen Barrish’s e-mail until a reporter sent it to her. “He’s not speaking on behalf of the party,” she said. She said he should not have invoked the Hills­borough GOP executive committee in his letter.

But she stopped short of commenting on the contents of the message, saying she wanted a chance to read it carefully and talk with Barrish.

“I’m really uncertain about what this is all about,” she said. But she acknowledged it would offend Muslim party members.

Barrish said he thinks Islamic law is infiltrating the court system. He said Muslims are not following a faith, but a political system “that uses elements of religion.” He said he expected his remarks to be controversial.

“I’ve spent two years of my life studying this,” he said. “The folks who defend Islam, the tactic is, ‘He’s an Islamophobe’ or ‘He’s a bigot.’ But I challenge them, where have I misstated fact?”

Shibly, the CAIR official, said Barrish’s message exposes his arrogance.

“To get an idea of how outrageous his e-mail is, just replace the word ‘Islam’ with any other faith and think how we would react if a politician issued a statement in their official capacity on any other faith,” he said.

No. You can’t. You can’t replace the word “Islam” with any other faith. Islam is not like ‘any other faith’. Islam  is the ideology of  a 7th century  blood-cult that intends to lay waste to the world.

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6 thoughts on “"islam is not a religion…"”

  1. I admire Scott for his honesty and bravery.

    Islam may be a religion, according to the leftist view, but I still say it is a cult religious ideology. It has all the symptoms of CULT.
    The only resonIslam has spread to 1.2 billion (and shrinking) worldwide is the way it is propagated, through violence and terror and forced submission under threat of death or imposing opressive taxes upon the conquered peoples within their umma.

  2. Islam is more a political ideology than a religion which is simply window dressing and a free pass for the ideology. Someone needs to seriously look at having it declassified as a religion. That would take a lot of wind out of it’s sails.

    I’m also not convinced it isn’t simply a political cult. If you look at the criteria for identifying a cult, islam fulfills somewhere between 80 to 95% of ALL the criteria for a cult.

  3. ISLAM cannot be called a ‘religion’. I,personally, regard it as a cult. It divests its followers of any semblance of humanity by its radical teachings from the Qu’ran – wherein women are the lowest of the low – less than chattels – and to be used however their Masters see fit. Young girls are taken as brides by decrepit old men – who could only be construed as pedophiles. Everyone is brainwashed from cradle to grave. The sooner the world is aware of this, the sooner we can start to undo the dreadful curses that Mohammedanism has laid upon its votaries.

  4. Islam is a totalitarian ideology designed to persecute and subjugate those that oppose its core tenant of unrestrained hatred towards non believers.

    This guy Scott deserves a medal

  5. Islam is not a religion; its a totalitarian ideology with its own socipoloitical agenda. it wants to conquer the world for Islam/pisslam. and don’t forget: today (well, 4th of Novemeber) is Death to America Day in Iran! happy belated anniversary!

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