Mohammedanism on Wall Street

Painful to Watch; Brought to You by Iran Press TV:

Interesting that these  brainwashed sycophants   all parrot the same lines. In case you recognize the Islamo-agit prop who issues the cat calls please let us know so we can keep a tab on her.

“Our street?” These enemies of the republic never had a stake in America. Time to round ’em up and ship ’em out!  (MEMRI via Vlad Tepes)

Picture of the Week

Not Hamastan: This is Oakland, USA:

 Torture: America Thrives on BS and Innuendo


The Marxists are out in force:

Figures… Marxists Out in Force at #Occupy Oakland Protests (GWP)

Sarah Palin: Don’t Let Obama Blame George Bush for “The Fiasco They Created” (Video)

Iranians Rally in Support of Anti-Capitalist #OWS Movement – Torch US Flag

Change! Iranian Regime Calls on UN to Prosecute US Officials For Promoting Terrorism


MICHAEL MOORE Bashes Capitalism at Occupy Denver Rally – Then Pimps Latest Book at Local Bookstore

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  1. The “Cain Mutiny” is the left’s way of taking the public’s attention off the more pressing issues like Islamic and Nazi mob rule.

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