"Mr Livingstone, I presume…"

The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story

African and American blacks are submitting to the toxic ideology of  Arab slave-masters faster than ever.

The soldiers of allah are colonizing Africa faster than at any time in history.  Most countries don’t have the wherewithal to  cope; corrupt politicians, general ignorance and Arab zealotry  fall on fertile ground. Here a few links to the ongoing jihad in Nigeria:


Islamic jihadists boast of murdering 67 people

This latest mass murder in the name of Islam and jihad comes as Islamic supremacists in the U.S. are pushing with renewed fervor the discredited meme that “Muslims are the new Jews,” and that resistance to the jihad and Islamic supremacism is equivalent to Nazism and tending toward genocide, with anti-jihadists cast as Nazi propagandists.

Nigeria: Boko Haram jihadists target churches, police in latest wave of attacks

Boko Haram consistently attacks practices, institutions, and people who would interfere with their intention of imposing Sharia.

They believe they can create paradise if they kill enough people who stand in its way. But they always simply wind up with a trail of dead bodies. “Churches, police targeted in Nigeria attacks,” from Agence France-Presse, November 5



“Worthless Moslems”

Some of the famous  explorer David Livingstones records have  become available recently. You can read here about his shocking encounters with Musulmaniacs, as he witnessed a massacre of hundreds of the indigenous negroes by Arab Muslim slavers.

Explorer David Livingstone Denounced ‘Worthless Moslems’ in his Diary

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

The diary of the famous 19th century British explorer, David Livingstone, has recently been made legible after spectral imaging techniques were applied to it. It offers new insights into Livingstone himself and the Muslim-run slave trade of the time. Livingstone witnessed a massacre of hundreds of the indigenous negroes by Arab Muslim slavers and wrote about the incident in his diary.

Fearing that some of his own men had been responsible for 400 deaths that day, in the original version he wrote: “[S]hot after shot followed on the terrified fugitives — great numbers died — and a worthless Moslem asserted that all was done by the people of the English . . . It is awful — terrible.”

Within a year, he had written a new “official” account of the massacre: “Two wretched Moslems asserted ‘that the firing was done by the people of the English’. I asked one of them why he lied so and he could utter no excuse . . . he stood abashed before me and telling him not to tell palpable falsehoods left him gaping.”

Livingstone was so traumatised by witnessing this Muslim massacre that he had to abandon his expedition.

The Arab slave trade was the cruelest of all,  it goes back to Roman times when black slaves were brought to fight as gladiators. Young boys were castrated on the spot and many died during transport. Arab slavery continues till today…..

Livingstone was heartbroken by what he had seen at Nyangwe, in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

About 1,500 villagers, mostly women, were gathered in the village market on a river bank, when three Arab slavers appeared and opened fire.

Livingstone’s field diaries, now recovered through spectral imaging, were written as the killing took place. “As I write, shot after shot falls on the fugitives on the other side [of the river] who are wailing loudly over those they know are already slain — Oh let thy kingdom come.”

The massacre had a devastating effect on Livingstone, psychologically and physically. He was unable to continue his quest for the source of the Nile and met Stanley, who had been sent to find him by the New York Herald.

Although he never lived to know it, Livingstone’s testimony played a part in the eventual suppression of the slave trade:

Henry Morton Stanley reported what Livingstone had seen in The Times, and soon after the Government abolished the East African Slave Trade. The Zanzibar slave market was shut down permanently, under threat of attack from the Royal Navy, on June 5, 1873.

Livingstone himself had previously helped some former slaves. But they showed no gratitude for his kindness.

In the entries covering the months leading up to the massacre, the missionary repeatedly expressed his disgust with a group of freed slaves from Zanzibar in his entourage. “I clothed mine for nothing,” he wrote. “They thought that my kindness was fear and tried to ride roughshod over me.”

There is a parable there for Europe’s modern humanitarian xenomaniacs, I think.

The Times journalist curiously describes these diary entries as being “at odds with the heroic image of Livingstone.” It’s not clear why. Presumably because he spoke candidly about the moral failings of African negroes and Arab Muslims, and therefore defied modern notions of political correctness, according to which we are supposed to remain politely silent about the uncivilised behaviour of brown people.

This is a frightening new insight into the mindset of modern journalists. Not only do they conspire to cover ethnic minority wrong-doing, they are not the least bit ashamed of doing so. In fact, they consider it heroic. If you refuse to play along with the deception, it’s because you’re not as heroic as they are.

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  1. Livingston’s journals are quite damning of the islamic arab invaders in Africa and their (arab muslim) treatment of African peoples. I suggest that folks access them and read them before the PC cowards bury all historical evidence showing that muslims have usually behaved as violent and ruthless scum throughout history.

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