Awesome revolutionaries fully supported by Tim Blair:

Via Andy Semple, the Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street:

Click for more.  You know I couldn’t let that go.

Unfortunately, the counter jihad is not that exiting.   Nowadays I gets only stuff like that:

From ‘fadmo’ in the UK. One could get the idea that fadmo doesn’t like us very much:

Submitted on 2011/11/03 at 7:25 pm

you are a fucking prick you bastard, if i was playing rugby with you i’d not hesistate to snap your fucking legs and kuck you in your balls dickhead


10 thoughts on “Occupussy”

  1. ROFL gold. I’ve been missing your ‘funny fan mail’ Sheik 🙂

    “..if i was playing rugby with you..” I didn’t know Dole Offices in the UK had Rugby teams.

  2. Anytime fadmo – in any case it is doubtful if you can play Rugby. Kiwis dont mouth of like the useless islamofacists.

  3. hey i just left a comment here and it didn’t show up nor did i see a “approval pending notice”.

  4. oh great now i gotta write my original comment again dammit! unfortunately there’s no shortage of hot chicks who are leftist morons here i the Occupy Movement of the S.F. Bay Area. somebody left a comment on one of my videos who found my blog/vids through sheikyermami. a Google search sent me here and ofcourse i’ve seen this blog before i just didn’t know who ran it, thanks!

  5. David H,
    I concur with your observation on posting – it may be that many mails are not reaching the WoJ server – I have noticed same for approx three months.

  6. That man’s probably kucked in the head.

    ahhh muslims. How boring would life be without these beasts.

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