We Need to Deport All of Them, Not Only 'Dozens'

Australia to deport first failed Afghan asylum seeker

Muslims do not make their way to Australia to become Australians, but to make Australia Islamic. It is not, and we should not make it our business, to  help settle Muslims behind what they perceive to be enemy lines…..

Thanks to  BNI:

Already rejected by England and Ireland, Muslim ‘asylum’ seeker with fake passport is fighting deportation from Australia, saying he will be killed if sent back to Afghanistan.

Gee, maybe that’s the reason nobody else will give him asylum either? Muslim cleric warns Australian government they better not try to deport any more Muslims or it’s going to make them very angry. Human Rights activists and Left wing media nod heads in sympathy with the Muslim invader.

Australian Government Political Correctness Exposed by Media

Media report from Australia showing the Sharia/Caliphate goals are world wide. The world is waking up slowly to save our freedom, but will it be in time to save us from the casualties of massive death tolls? Spread the word to those that still need to wake up.

Maybe THIS is why Australia wants to send back all these Muslim undesirables:











8 thoughts on “We Need to Deport All of Them, Not Only 'Dozens'”

  1. It is a matter of National Security for ANY WEstern Country to BAN the immmigration of Muslims into their respective country.The effort to Islamitize ALL the World is being actively undertaken by Islam. BEWARE of the Muslim.

    The action to BAN Islam is a moral imperative and is societal self-defense.

  2. It should be madatory for all policy makers to undertake a critical study of the Koran and Hadiths prior to making any judgements on Muslim immigration.Those policy makers need to be of a secular mindset,and to bear in mind the liberal,democratic values of freedom of association,the right to seek our own personel happiness,and not to hinder or hurt others who seek to do likewise.They should,in the course of their study consult with experts in all religions,and monitor how those teachings are passed on to the children of all religions.And the only conclusion they can logically reach is:Islam is incommensurate with the values we in Australia hold to be a treausured part of our national character.Why introduce a destructive pollutant and spoil and ruin a great national blessing?

  3. @Chris Ring

    I would go one step further. Force the policy makers and their family’s to be the only Westerners living in an all Muslim area for six months (if they make it that long.) and watch how quickly they throw out their sanctimonious values.

  4. @ Hill

    That sounds alright in principle,however that would be a purely subjective opinion,based solely upon the emotive reaction of the actors involved in the excercise.What’s needded is a metodology that I have suggested.Officials and the general public need a real education about the true nature of Islam-not just personal reactions to individual Muslims.In other words,one needs to focus on the doughnut-not the hole.We are,as it were being told by Muslim spokespersons to become educated about the hole so to speak.Deception such as this can only be countered by a real education(reading the so-called ‘”Holy Koran”.rather than being given Red Herrings by Muslims about the true nature of their beliefs.one should bear this in mind:the Koran was devised in order to be an anti jewish,Anti Christian Manifesto,and encourage war and bloodshead.Only an objective independent study will reveal this-not Muslims who are spin doctors!

  5. @Chris Ring,

    I actually agree with what your are saying about learning the Koran and understanding that it was “devised in order to be an anti jewish,Anti Christian Manifesto,and encourage war and bloodshed.”

    However, based on personal experience, I have witnessed happy clappy/multicult ideology literally disappear in people within 24 hours after a negative experience with Muslims and the more frequent or repeated those experiences were/are the more entrenched in their distrust and cynicism the individual becomes towards Islam/Muslims.

    Since then, I have come across many like minded people who really didn’t care one way or another about Islam or Muslims until they either lived in Muslims countries or near large populations of Muslims in western countries or elsewhere. Or they might have come across a Muslim (or persons, they travel in packs); who forced themselves into the life of the nonMuslim person and it is almost always occurs in a violent or aggressive manner. Furthermore, the events of 9/11, 7/7, the Bali bombings, Benghazi, etc. have only entrenched people in their views against Islam and Muslims.

  6. Well,I agree with what you’ve said as I have also experienced the negative aspects you descibe by my personel interactions with Muslims.But bear in mind I am talking about policy makers-politicians.They do not live in the real world like most of us.When they travel,they are escorted everywhere they go.They deal with embassadors-do not experience harrasment,stay in bubbles as it were.Therefore,they have a very artificial view of the real world as we know it.They will never relate to what the independent and interactive traveler knows and learns as you have outlined.That is why one cannot expect them to make any wise policies unless they actually do their research.Also,bare in mind,politicians do not in reality do their own background research into policy decisions.The public servants do that,and hand them a precis of their findings.And that of course is subjective,and that subjectivity is influenced by the fact that the dependence of western nations for their oil supplies is controled by Islamic countries:Saudi Arabia being the obvious example.So you see,economics is a major factor in the mix.Believe me I know.My BA major-Double Historical and Philosophical Studies, and Political Studies.Please realise this:logic does not come into the decisions of politicians. In other words,capitalism is an illogical system.They need to be forced into making logical policies by the likes of us-insisting that they do their own homework.Not a “Yes Minister” scenario.

  7. @Chris Ring

    You are right the vast majority of politicians do not live in the real world-at all and yes, I am aware that they do not do their own research.

    Personally, that is why I am an advocate for term limits and the requirement that all personal tax documents are accessible by the general public whilst in office. As well as, a further audit of a politicians use of the public purse whilst in office for their own personal needs. If you are in the UK, then you will get my meaning when I say ‘no’ to the use of the peoples money to pay for duck ponds, tampons and groceries by government officials.

    In the UK there was one MP who was aware of the problems with Asians and Islam and that is the retired MP Ann Cryer.

    In the mid-noughties, in the UK, I watched a documentary about the problems about the immigration in Cryer’s area, and Asian punks were throwing rocks at her and the media crew with her. Additionally, I believe she is one of the few Labour MP who has been vocal about Honour Killings, child marriages etc that comes out of the Muslim communities.

    Also, I would venture Labour’s Stephen Timms has a very real understanding about immigration after a failed murder attempt by Muslim Roshonara Choudhry.

    I was with you up till, ” In other words, capitalism is an illogical system.” which is a statement, which I personally disagree with you on your ideas surrounding capitalism; that capitalism is the problem. Your argument does not go to explain the hostilities of Muslims from non-oil rich countries. Capitalism is not the problem, the reiteration of entitlement and supremacy is the problem.

    Unless I am wrong and misread your quote that you are advocate against capitalism?

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