Arab Street Watch

In Egypt, the military detained a woman of “questionable morals”

 the army’s morals are clearly above reproach, that’s why all the women with ‘questionable morals’ are coming out in force to protest…

In Tunisia they seem to have similar problems, but the morality police is onto it:  Concerns grow over ‘morality police’ in Tunisia

There is corruption in the Maghreb?   Maghreb countries received low scores in the newly released Corruption Perceptions Index for 2011. 

Since the mission in Iraq is accomplished, the soldiers of allah are showing the Christians the true meaning of interfaith and diversity…  sit back and watch the ugly show, until all religion belongs to allah!

Rioters Attack Liquor Stores in Iraqi Kurdistan by NewsLook

… and tomorrow the world:

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for a “United Arab States” with Jerusalem as its Capital

 Is Al Qaeda still the enemy?

You can never be sure about anything these days, just ask Joe Biden!

In any case, al-Qaeda prefers females for kidnapping:  al-Qaeda intentionally targets females; they have a manual on the issue.  “The Law of Prisoners”

As usual, these kidnappings are  totally un-Islamic:

“Kidnapping women, taking them to Sahara detention camps and bargaining for their release is not permissible under Islamic law,” the imam tells Magharebia.

In other news:

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  1. There was a mass rally of muslim women who berated the government for the barbaric treatment of these female protesters. They managed to extract an apology from the government. Whether it was a sincere apology or not remains to be seen.

    Hopefully the women have had a taste of what the power of numbers can accomplish and will use this tactic to further their social conditions in future.

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