Muslim Cleric: "Face of a woman like her vagina"

Muslim Cleric: “Face of a woman like her vagina”

Vagina Expert Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini –

He said it.

This from famous Egyptian preacher, Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini–who earlier said that Islam teaches Muslims to plunder, rape, and enslave infidels. A leader of Egypt’s Salafi movement, which came in second only to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s recent elections, Huwaini’s comments are a reminder of what’s in store for the nation.

“Face of a woman like her vagina,” from Elaph, December 13:

Famous Salafi preacher Sheikh Abu Ishaq al-Huwainia likened the face of a woman to her vagina during a talk in front of a group of people on the necessity for women to wear the niqab [veil]. The sheikh’s words provoked anger among women and Muslims in Egypt, even as his supporters defended him…


“A man shaking hands with a woman is worse than having a piece of steel go though your head”

From the same inbred Islamic cleric raving lunatic who said, “Saying Merry Christmas is worse than murdering someone.”

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  1. It just goes to show when you are so sex-starved, everything looks like a virginia.
    It is so perverted. I have never heard a man compare my mouth to a virginia. I guess that is an indication that I live in a healthy society where men are not so staved of sex that they don’t have this obsession with seeing virginias everywhere.
    How can these people have any type of intimate relationship with each other when they think like this.

  2. The men want robes so they can disguise themselves and sneak around the covered women.
    I wouldn’t go anywhere around them because anything can be concealed under those cloaks.
    That was spiteful to compare the play pen to a face.

  3. This is beyond bizarre. But not at all surprising to anyone who has read ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish’s book on Sharia, ‘Cruel and Usual Punishment’.
    There is a very real sense – expressed linguistically – in which Islam reduces women to nothing but c**t.

    Every woman seems to be viewed as nothing but a giant pudendum – which is why she has to be covered up entirely. The hair of her head = pubic hair…

    From Ms Darwish’s book, I quote, chapter three, subheading ‘My Body, My Shame’:
    ‘A woman’s body is considered a thing she should be ashamed of. According to many hadiths, a woman is an awrah, Arabic for ‘pudendum’, the external genitalia. It is as if the main religiously-sanctioned word for women in American culture was the detestable four-letter c-word. A woman is an awrah, not “like an awrah”, but she *is* an awrah, meaning **a woman in her totality is an exposed genital area** (my emphasis – dda).
    ‘Ali reported the Prophet as saying “Women have ten awrat (plural of awrah). When she gets married, the husband covers one, and when she dies, the grave covers the ten”.
    ‘Another hadith states, “The woman is awrah [i.e. the woman is c**t/ the woman is p*ssy). When she goes outside (the house) the devil welcomes here”. So going outside the house for the woman is a form of exposure of her awrah [i.e. it is an act of what we’d call ‘indecent exposure’ – going outside, or one must assume, showing her face in societies that demand full face-covering, is equivalent to spreading her legs… – dda] That is why women are discouraged from going outside the home, even to pray in the mosque…’. – pp. 77-78.
    One may note that Nonie also refers to Sheikh Catmeat, on p 80: she writes “an Egyptian preached who immigrated to Australia defended Muslim men who sexually assaulted several Australian girls…not by apologizing on their behalf, but by calling the girls “uncovered meat”, **a common phrase I [while growing up in Muslim Egypt – dda] often heard from Egyptian clerics** [my emphasis – dda].”

    This is telling, because it reveals that al-Hilaly was a *typical* Mohammedan Egyptian ‘cleric’. And what does that suggest about the latest guy chosen – supposedly unanimously – by Muslims in Australia, to be their mufti, their grand pooh-bah or chief gang boss? He, too, is an Egyptian Muslim ‘cleric’, a graduate of the Al -Azhar hate factory in Cairo. One must assume that he, too, has been programmed to view a woman as nothing but a giant walking awrah. Not a person, not a thinking being, but merely – c**t. Her face is not a face but a crotch, and the hair of her head is pubic hair, obscene.

    The implicit corollary is that Mohammedanism reduces men to nothing but giant erect phalloi.

    Where is the artist who will – outdoing the best efforts of Hieronymus Bosch – show us the world of human beings as it appears in the bizarrely warped mirror of Islamic psychopathology…a world in which there are just giant male and female genitalia walking about?

    Alternatively: since men are supposed to check in their brains at the entrance to ‘allah’s palace’ (so Tawfiq Hamid was told), thus symbolically beheading themselves, one may see the Mohammedan world as one of women without faces, and men without heads. Imagine that surreal picture: the black shapeless sacks that are the women; and men as bodies without heads, or – like anencephalic children, who are born with faces and skulls, but have no brain inside the skull, or only a fragment – with hollow heads, the brain being absent?

  4. The mouth of Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini is like an anus. Plug it up, I don’t like the shyt streaming out.


  6. HAHA every time I start on of this creep’s videos, it sounds like he’s starting to sing XD XD what the hell

  7. Another fine excample of islamic self-advertising!! Don’t you want to join folks? I know I don’t!

    If you are an islamist, you certainly aren’t (healthy). And since the quran is supposed to be immutable by muslims, then the hogwash that the islamic drone spews out has not changed. It is irrelevant if he claimed what he said was a rule or not – he believed it and that should be warning enough.

  8. I must add that the pictures have at least taken my sex urges away,just like after I saw my first post mortem. I couldn’t eat spaghetti or have sex for months. Thanks,Abu.

  9. if he were an expert he would know the outside is a “vulva” and the vagina is the interior. So yes the stone looks like a vulva diamond. So too did a few religions exsist apart from islam. those who did revere this tone as a vulva would dispise the islam that dominates today.


  11. guys please dont talk about islamic im muslim you thing we wrote the quran? when you die you will see who are right you just are blind you are very blind you feel that you are safe? and happy? no you dont and i asked someone and i told him do you cry when you hear your book?(jesus book)he say no……………..and when i listen to quran i dont know what happen to me when i look to my eyes i see it red and i’m crying… how did i cry and i didnt feel?guys you are belive and your father and mother and grand father and grandmother…Etc belive.. and what if i tell you they are not right you got a strong brain and you dont want to belive i already readed your book that why i learnt english and nothing happen to me cause your book isnt true quran is true if you dont trust me learn arabic and read quran……..(i already said that to one like you and the answer will be.. I DONT WANT TO WASTE MY TIME..omg dude<<<<<<<<<<< wtf are you saying? go to the kitchen and light the fire and put your hand for 30sec you cant!!!!!!!!! and what if i tell you.. you will go to the hell what will happen in that moment…what will happen if you die and i were right and you wrong?dude i told you my advise so please..please..please.. just try to think about what are you doing and what are you beliving?god got son………….?! that what you belive in?god have no sons jesus is just a sender from god and mohammed was too and mohammed was the final sender from god and the god down the quran for him and now we belive in quran …and god have no son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well.. i just saying my advise and thanks guys for reading this….and muslim arent all bad we are human all do mistakes but god are forgiving. life is test from god… please add me in facebook if you want to contact me my mail is ( peace..

  12. Another load of crap sprouted by a Islamic clerk. Wtf do these so called men think they are? Gods? You men harm more, kill more and destroy more life’s than you’ll ever be able to comprehend, cause compassion and common sense is not taught in Islam. All that’s taught is inflict pain, treat woman like posessions and kill anyone that beliefs differently than you.

    Im Muslim, you’re another typical product of your parents, incapable of thinking for yourself and see what Islam is, evil, evil evil

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