All I want for Christmas is a punching bag that looks like Bev Baines….

Certifiably Insane: Bev Baines, Advocate For the Freedom Sack

My religion commands me to resort to violence when wakademics like Bev Baines try to force their views on my children. All I want for Christmas is a punching bag that looks like her.

Niqab Nuttiness: Professor Sacrifices Woman’s Rights On Satan’s Altar Of Multiculturalism (BCF)

When commies take power, they always annihilate the intelligentsia or the so-called intellectuals first.

Took me a while, but now I understand why that is ….

Here’s more from the execrable  “moderate Muslim” Haroon Siddiqi:

Editorial board podcast: Facing citizenship ceremonies

Welcome to the Toronto Star editorial board’s weekly podcast, focusing on top issues of the day. The board is responsible for the editorials that appear every day in the Star, and every day we have a lively discussion on what to write about, and what to say. The podcast will give us a chance to share some of those debates with Star readers.

Today we’re talking about two issues: Ottawa’s decision to ban the wearing of niqabs, or veils, at citizenship ceremonies; and the increasingly hot debate over budget cuts at Toronto city hall. Editorial page editor Andrew Phillips is joined by editorial board members Gordon Barthos, Leslie Papp and Carol Goar, as well as columnist Haroon Siddiqui.

Listen now

One thought on “All I want for Christmas is a punching bag that looks like Bev Baines….”

  1. I am a Canadian living in China.

    I agree completely with the ban on niqab/burka in Canada for the citizenship oath. I only think it did not go far enough, it should be banned completely. It has no part to play in a modern society. It is a security and health risk.

    Bev Baines is really scary looking. She should never take off a burka.

    Multiculturalism is a complete failure. islam is a cancer in the west.

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