No singing in Islam. All singing is prohibited….

Except the howling of the Muezzin. Something to look forward to. What say you?

MEMRI via Vlad Tepes

We had many posts regarding music in general, but did you know that singing itself is also un-Islamic?

Well, don’t take my word for it: here is Lebanese Shiite Cleric Sheik Hassan Ghandour speaking Islamic truth. He must be Islamophobic or something:

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4 thoughts on “No singing in Islam. All singing is prohibited….”

  1. Singing is completely prohibited, singing is categorically prohibited says Sheik Hassan Ghandour.

    So what punishment would he mete out to the Muslim fundamentalist, jew-hating warbler Yusuf Islam? The former Cat Stevens. Beheading? Stoning to death? Hacking out his tongue?

    Or is singing permitted if thousands of non-muslims pay enormous amounts of money to attend his concerts? Money to support Muslim organizations, Muslim charities, Muslim schools etc?

  2. Oh my God – when will the world wake up to the archaic morals of the sand people’s minds? Here – can any, and I mean any, Arab or islamic country or state boast the supreme greatness of music that comes from civilized people in this example I give.

    I challenge any muslim to produce a “song” sung by Arabs or muslemaniacs that even approaches the depth of feeling, faith and beauty that is present in this. And they want to ban all singing. So this, and the King’s College Choir, and the great Mormon Tabernacle choir and all other great choirs of the world will be banned when our foolish politicians lead us to bow down to the pedophile profit’s will. God help the west.

  3. Islamists hae no feeling – and for them the only thing of value is finding paradise by sacrificing others – the supreme selfishness of islam.

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