The Pope is responsible and the Jews did it….

There is no end to this. Looks like we need an asylum big enough to hold 1.5 gazillion lunatics.

The Message of Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Jawad Fazel Lankarani over Quran Desecration

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful

“We Ourselves have revealed the Quran and We are its Protectors”

The horrible event of insulting the Holy Quran, tearing and torching it in front of the palace of injustice, oppression and atheism  by an evil man wearing the gown of a priest and serving as a bishop accompanied by some wolfish and rapacious men,  has wounded the hearts of monotheists and theists causing  Muslims all over the world to mourn.

Quran is the book of guidance, prosperity and blessing. Insulting it amounts to opposing all the values, perfections, prosperities and blessings. The Quran is light, demonstration, wisdom and extortion. Tearing and burning it amount to declaring alliance with injustice, evils and illogicalities.

Everyone knows that following 9/11 – which had been planned by international Zionism to defame Islam in the world, the Holy Quran drew the attention of the people and many intellectual figures of the world. Although this incident is very sad and distressing, we are certain that more and more people of the world will focus their attention on the reality of this divine book.

This shame has exposed the essential evilness of US and Israel and their animosity with all monotheistic teachings? Who denies the fact that this heinous crime was committed by CIA and the Israeli security agencies?  Who denies the fact that such a heinous crime that blackened the entire of history of Christianity was committed by White House with the consent of the president of the United States? Who denies the fact that Pope is responsible for this crime? The church and its masters should know that they are hated and abhorred for ever by the pure hearts and sound natures of the people of the world.

We must extend our condolences to the talking Quran, the Imam of Age, may Allah hasten his reappearance on this tragic event. The Shiite scientific community and religious seminaries expect all strata of people, especially seminarians and university students and also the Islamic states and all religions and sects to express their disgust and hatred towards this shameful act.  We pray to God, the Almighty, to punish the perpetrators of this crime sooner.

«یریدون لیطفؤوا نور الله بافواههم والله متمّ نوره ولو کره الکافرون».

“They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths but Allah willperfect His light, though the unbelievers may be averse.”

3rd Shawwla 1431

Muhammad Jawad Fazel Lankarani

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