"Nordine Amrani not a terrorist because he was not a card carrying al Qaeda member…."

Just another case of street violence, or something….

The usual  song and dance from the Backlash Boyz:

his mama cried “he would never do a thing like that” and the worldwide ummah of 1.5 billion muselmaniacs fears  a “BACKLASH” from this attack, but…..

Muslims don’t have to belong to an organization to carry out jihad. Any Muslim can arm him/herself with guns, grenades, poisonous chemicals, or even a kitchen knife and perform his religious duty, killing  infidels. The fact that a Muslim has been involved in drug trafficking, theft or pimping does not preclude him or her to become a jihadi. Most of the companions of Muhammad were thugs and ruffians, murderers and thieves prior to converting to Islam. After converting, they put their expertise at the service of their prophet. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was responsible for the murder of thousands of people in Iraq, was originally a car thief.  Many Muslim converts are ex-convicts and many of them converted to Islam in prison. We know this first hand because many of them write to us and brag about their résumé of crimes prior to their conversion to Islam.  Islam is a criminal organization. (Barenaked)

Amrani had a manifesto, its called the Qur’an- It’s Allah’s license to kill….


Amrani was just a weapons collector, right?

The article is here. But the picture is below. Can you read that sticker  on his rocket Launcher?

Thanks to Vlad for bringing this to our attention…..

Hysterical Laugh of the Day:

See, nothing to do with Islam because we don’t want you to look:

Lone Wolf Guidance:

Florence, Italy:

Its not Friday yet,  but watch the Muselmaniacs attack tomorrow, when they come charging out of the illegal mosques: I predict carbeques!

Islam will protect America!

The writer is the Founder and President the Voice of the Copts. He tells the truth.

I could use some of that cash:

George Soros Stands to Gain Millions From His Purchase of MF Global Bonds

 Now we know where Obama took the billions in ‘stimulus’ dollars…..


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  1. GoV has more:

    Terror Attack in Liège

    “Amrani had a manifesto, its called the Qur’an- It’s Allah’s license to kill….”

    A gunman named Norodine Amrani staged a terror attack in the center of Liège today, killing four people (one of them himself) and wounding at least 75 others. According to Reuters, the attacker used a Kalashnikov and a revolver, and also threw grenades.

    See RT for photos and video.

    Did the incident have anything to do with Islam or terrorism? Not according to the Belgian government:

    “Interior Ministry official Peter Mertens said the attack did not involve terrorism but did not explain why he thought that.”

    Well, I can explain why he thought that. He thought that because he was told to think it by his superiors in Belgium, the EU, and all the way up to the OIC. The Muslim Brotherhood issues the talking points, and their dhimmi servants in Europe dutifully repeat them.

    Interestingly enough, although the mainstream outlets seem to be avoiding discussing competing versions of the story, reports on forums and other internet sites say that there were actually three attackers, and at least one was heard to shout “Allahu Akhbar!” during his rampage.

    The latest report from the AP:

    Attack in Belgian City Leaves 4 Dead, 75 Wounded

    LIEGE, Belgium (AP) — A man armed with grenades and an assault rifle attacked holiday shoppers Tuesday at a central square in the Belgian city of Liege, leaving four people dead and wounding 75 others, officials said.

    It was not immediately clear what motivated the attack in the busy Place Saint-Lambert, the central entry point to downtown shopping streets in the industrial city in eastern Belgium. The attack ignited a stampede of hundreds, as shoppers fled the explosions and bullets.

    Interior Ministry official Peter Mertens said the attack did not involve terrorism but did not explain why he thought that.

    Belgian officials identified the attacker as Norodine Amrani, 33, a Liege resident who they said had done jail time for offenses involving guns, drugs and sexual abuse. He was among the dead, but Liege Prosecutor Danielle Reynders told reporters it was unclear if he committed suicide or died by accident. He did not die at the hands of police, she said.

    The dead also included two teenage boys, 15 and 17, and a 75-year-old woman, she said. The La Libre newspaper reported that a 2-year-old girl was clinging to life.

    Reynders said Amrani had been summoned for police questioning on Tuesday but the reason for the questioning was not clear. He still had a number of grenades with him when he died, she said.

    Officials said Amrani left his home in Liege with a backpack, armed with hand grenades, a revolve and an FAL assault rifle. He walked alone to the central square, then got onto a platform that gave him an ideal view of the square below, which was bedecked with a huge Christmas tree and crowded with shoppers.

    From there, Amrani lobbed three hand grenades toward a nearby bus shelter, which serves 1,800 buses a day, then opened fire on the crowd. The explosions sent glass from the bus shelter across a wide area.

    “I heard a loud boom,” said witness Dimitri Degryse. “I thought it was something on my car that was broken or something. Then a few seconds after a second boom, and I saw all the glass breaking, I saw people running, screaming.”

    As soon as the shooting began, hundreds of people fled the square as well as a Christmas market in an adjacent square, rampaging through old city streets looking for cover. Video from the scene showed people, including a large group of children, fleeing the city center, some still carrying shopping bags.


    Police closed off the area but found no accomplices and calm returned a few hours after.

    Dawn has some intriguing details:
    Read more »

  2. But, would he be doing it if he wasn’t a Muslim? It looks to me like a
    one-Muslim (or more?) Mumbai-style attack.

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