Spencer & Geller ''invent' Another Honor Killing

It was not an honor killing because the victim wasn’t beheaded, claims this Muselmanic dimbulb on Atlas Shrugs:

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Honor Killing: Christian Convert Mother of Three (Month-Old Baby, 2-year-old and 9-year-old) Brutally Murdered by Muslim Boyfriend on Christmas day

So this Muslim poster claims the victim converted from Islam to Christianity, which is punishable by death, (which is not disputed)  and  for this crime to be a properly  executed honor killing, the young mother should have been beheaded.

One single Muslim can carry  more mental baggage than all the lunatic asylums between Baghdad and Timbuktu.

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It was not an Honor Killing!
She was born Muslim, converted to Christian. And the killing had no indication of being an honor killing.

She was not beheaded, she was hit and strangled. That means it was likely the result of an argument and not something that was planned out.

 Here’s the post:

Christian convert mom of three, Ruby Love, was murdered and dumped in a canal on Christmas day by her Muslim boyfriend. It sickens the soul, the spike in Christian killing by Muslims on and around Christmas day.

As a tribute, her mother has painted a white cross on Miss Love’s front door under the words: “Ruby’s Angel House.” The family had converted to Christianity and changed their surname from Malik. More here.

The Telegraph reports:

Manzar Juma, 27, the father of two of her children, was charged by police with her murder. He is understood to be Muslim and unemployed. He is due to appear in court on Friday.

Miss Love was born Rabina Malik into a Sikh family but her mother changed the family’s names by deed poll in 2003. They attend a nearby Catholic church, she said.

Malik is no Sikh name, its a Muslim name. Something odd here.

She had three children, a girl, nine, and two boys, Adam, two, and Amir, four weeks, and worked in her family’s property business. She had hoped to train as a midwife before having children.

Her mother Precious, 45, said: “Both my daughters are very devout Christians. She was a daughter of God. She had a cross tattood on her foot.

On her foot? That’s a bit odd. Never met a Christian who had a cross tattooed on her foot.

First picture of Christmas day murder victim Ruby Love as man is charged Metro

A picture has been released of Ruby Love, the young mother whose body was discovered in a canal on Christmas Day, as her boyfriend was charged with her murder.

Ruby Love, pictured with her one-month-old son Amir, was found dead on Christmas day

Mother-of-three Ms Love, 23, from Harrow, north London, was found dead in the Grand Union Canal in Southall, west London, on Sunday morning by a dog walker.

Her boyfriend and father of two of her children, Manzar Juma, 27, will appear at Brent Magistrates’ Court today after being charged on Thursday night with murder.

Ms Love, who had a one-month-old baby, was last seen leaving for a night out at 6pm on Christmas Eve, and had been expected to return home before Christmas morning to open presents with her children and her mother and sister, with whom she lived.

Her mother Precious, 45, paid tribute to her daughter, who she called ‘my angel’, as she explained the events before Ruby’s body was found.

‘We were having our Christmas dinner and opening our presents as we were waiting for her. I waited and waited and I texted her through the night.

‘I waited until it had got to 24 hours after [she left] and then I gave it one more hour, and then there was a knock on the door. It was the police.

‘It’s such a loss – I don’t know how we are going to cope.’

A Scotland Yard spokesman said officers ‘are aware of previous incidents which will form part of our investigation’

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  1. The way these loons can ‘explain’ away these despicable acts is so totally beyond me and its all done so matter of factly.

  2. this Islam a religion of peace , the prophet killed peacefully innocent people when they where unarmed (working on the field ) …….
    Please people open your eyes Islam is the religion of destruction
    most of the women who convert to Islam want to go back to Christianity
    but they know that if they do so their days are counted ..
    i watched documentaries of the BBC about the Islam in England and still people denying that what you are seeing is NOT TRUE
    i wanted to be a muslim but i wait until i met the first muslim who is honest over his religion , but that was 50 years ago i give up now

  3. Care to comment any muslim trolls reading this site?? More to the point – Ms. Love is another victim of the PC disease that has turned Britians police into Plods and Noddys. Malik is a muzz name so she may well have been murdered because she refused to become a follower of the pedophile rapist again. Keep an eye on this case folks, and if the gutless t____ that staff your courts release this piece of s—- then we need to make their life hell through our legal systems.

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