Afghan assassin murders four French troops

Now when will the United States follow suit? Probably not as long as Barack Obama is President; after all, these attacks are happening with increasing frequency, and yet after every one, U.S. officials affirm our commitment to keep training these jihadis-in-waiting.

“France deplores ‘assassination’ of troops as it threatens to pull out of Afghanistan,” by Ben Farmer and Henry Samuel in the Telegraph, January 20 (thanks to JW):

France has suspended all operations with the Afghan army and threatened to withdraw its forces early from the country after an Afghan soldier shot dead four French troops.

Alain Juppé, France’s foreign minister, said the unarmed soldiers had been victims of an “assassination,” and President Nicolas Sarkozy ordered an immediate review of security for troops training Afghan soldiers.

The killings during a training exercise at the Gwan military base in Kapisa province followed a similar attack last month when an Afghan soldier shot and killed two members of the French Foreign Legion.

Friday’s attack wounded a further 15 and brought the total French death toll in the Afghan campaign to 82. The Afghan attacker was captured alive.

Scores of Nato troops have been shot dead in recent years by their Afghan partners raising fears of widespread Taliban infiltration and underlining the tense relations on the ground between the allies.

Gérard Longuet, defence minister, and the army’s chief of staff are due in Afghanistan to investigate recruitment policy in the Afghan army, Mr Sarkozy said.

“If we are not satisfied with the level of security, we will draw the consequences,” he said. “I will go so far as to order an early withdrawal of our troops. We are there as friends of the Afghan people. We cannot accept that an Afghan soldier fires on French troops.”…

 Friends of the Afghan people?  Try to explain that to an illiterate zombie who gets his instructions from  the mosque!

Insurgents Kill Dozens in Southern Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — More than two dozen people were killed in a four insurgent attacks in southern Afghanistan that began late Wednesday and continued through Thursday afternoon, Afghan authorities said. (NYT)