'Aussie sheik' Feiz Mohammed: “If you allow your woman to attend a Western university, you are a cuckold”

“If a Muslim wife, sister, or daughter sits in a classroom with a male professor and other men all around her, it’s as if she were cheating on you.”

The little creep is becoming increasingly unhinged. He’s also put on a fair bit of body-fat. When you watch this, remember that Jooliar & co are feeding lunatics like him with your tax-dollars.

Thanks to BNI for keeping an eye on this mug:

How do you assimilate a 7th Century lunatic into a 21st Century world? You don’t. You won’t change the Muslims who are already there, but you can ban more Muslim immigrants from coming in. In virtually every civilized nation in which Muslims reside, the majority do NOT want to assimilate, because their religion tells them that eventually, Islam will dominate every country on earth.

Our old “friend” Iftikhar Ahmad also left some of his droppings on the BNI thread, always good for a laugh: here he claims that all Islamic terrorists in the west were educated in the public school system. If we would pay for  proper Islamic indoctrination they would be peaceful and not hate us like they do….

Nice try……. but it doesn’t stop there:

AUSTRALIA: Muslims demand federal government permit Islamic law…even though they are already using it

In a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) also requested that taxpayers help fund the expansion of Islamic schools and halal food outlets. (BNI)

6 thoughts on “'Aussie sheik' Feiz Mohammed: “If you allow your woman to attend a Western university, you are a cuckold””

  1. As an Australian Grandmother I feel absolutely offended that our government lets people like this into Australia and then allows them to stay. This man and all his fellow followers of islam scare me so much that my health is being affected. I can’t sleep or eat properly and I am fearful all the time. I feel like an outcast in my own country. At one of my local shopping centres I am unable to buy meat that is not slaughtered by islamic slaughtermen, where is my choice? If I speak out against islam like followers of mo speak out against our Western Judeo/Christian Democratic values I would be labelled a bigot and more than likely suffer some sort of legal consequence. Who is going to take the blame when the inevitable happens and violence is committed against non muslim Australians? Perhaps we could go after sarah hanson-young and lee rhiannon as they seem to favour the islamic community. As a woman I feel totally betrayed by those who are supposed to defend my freedoms, how dare they put me in the position of having to go out into MY community and see followers of islam and submission to islamic demands every where I go. I feel sick.

  2. I would like to see the government advisors who read this blog (and they almost certainly do) justify why this islamic parasite has not been deported or executed. He is a terrorist, he is speading violent dischord between communities, and he seems to be protected because he is a muslim. Are you gutless bastards so cowardly that you are unable to prosecute muslims thugs because of their threats???

  3. My advise to the Australian grandmother is, if you haven’t already, to arm yourself- even though gun ownership in your country is regulated almost to the point of being illegal. Get you and yours some heat any way you can!

    If the Islamo-appeasing authorities won’t enforce the rule of law; you have the right to defend yourself against savages, like the Muhamadens who are plagueing your country and elsewhere. Will suggest a .38 snubnose with a silencer. Find you some woods in the countryside and practice at least once a month, don’t brag about being a gun owner, but be prepared to defend yourself.

    Suggest this to your kids and grandkids as well…

  4. All that is required is that ALL females stand up and tell these ‘muslim-men’ (his words), logically, rationally and using common sense that slavery has been abolished in this country and they therefore have no authority AT ALL over adult females.

    Any attempts to impose slavery by force must be prosecuted. Women/girls who are in fear of their families must be protected by the law, regardless of culture.
    Any man (muslim or otherwise) unable to accept that marriage/relationship does not equal ownership must be taught otherwise.
    Yes, loss of citizenship can be used as an incentive, however, loss of money works too.

  5. No doubt about it, these islamic wimps are so insecure and gutless,they can only blame girls for their own inadequacies,mo would be proud of his spawn

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