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Top Palestinian MEMRI TV Clips of 2011

Paki Museldog in Chief:
 Of course, of course. (If it wasn’t the U.S. he would blame  da Jooozzzz…)


Our New Peace Partner:

Mosque’s are dangerous places:

Female lingerie causes mufti’ hissy fits:

Candid Camera:  Loonwatch Kidz in heat,   claim Robert Spencer Runs Away From Dean Obeidallah Interview“– content warning: the  IQ in Danios’ echo chamber  is below room temperature….

Not Islamic enough, or what?


 “I know what Tatars want. They want Sharia state just like all normal….” More


Canuck Muslim Brotherhood Leader Receives Honourable Mention As Islamic Scholar Of The Year..Hitler Fan Places 1st

Jamal Badawi, Muslim Brotherhood Leader, CAIR-CAN member, and person of interest in the biggest terror funding case in US history was runner up to the Hitler Loving Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. (BCF)


87% of Afghan men misunderstand Islam, subject women to physical or sexual violence or forced marriage

Islamic spokesmen in the West constantly assure us that Islam respects women — (JW)

What are the  LOONS  doing?

They’re probably sitting around not knowing which they should do first:
– shred and burn the sacrilegious Western clothing
– wreck and burn the store
– drag out and kill the store owners
– drag out and kill all the store’s current patrons
– wack off to pictures of Khomeini’s beard…..