CAIR Calls Gingrich a "Bigot" for Opposing Sharia

“Not one Muslim in the whole USA wants to bring sharia law to this country”- but the moment you oppose their efforts and you actually  stop them from forcing unsuspecting judges to rule according to sharia law the whole Muselmanic mob goes apeshit.

Newt Gingrich compares Muslims to Nazis (BNI)

 He’s not wrong. Muselmaniacs  may lack the organizational skills and the military power to conquer us, but  the Islamic killing machine has been far more effective than any other ever since Muhammad called for eliminating unbelievers. And most people are not even aware of the Stealth Jihad:

Hamas-lobby CAIR is, surprise of surprises, lying about the nature of Sharia.It teaches the things they say it does, broadly interpreted, but also denies the freedom of speech, mandates death for apostates, and institutionalizes discrimination against women and second-class status for non-Muslims. Western apologists for Sharia such as Islamic Republic shill Reza Aslan lie about Sharia when they claim it is so multiform that it has no particular character that anyone can point to; in reality, wherever and whenever Sharia has been implemented, historically and today, it has looked pretty much the same, and has contained the elements of Sharia that Western Islamic supremacist spokesmen routinely deny are essential to it.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Show me evidence of any Sharia state — not a majority-Muslim state, but a Sharia state — that did not have as part of its basic law the oppressive items I listed above, and many more. You know how to get in touch….

“Group blasts Gingrich for limiting hires to Muslims who renounce Shariah law,” by Joy Lin for, January 18 via Robert Spencer

Video on Gingrich: ‘Yes’ to Muslim President but ‘No’ to Sharia

Too late. We already got a sharia promoting Muselputz in the white house, and his name is Hussein.

The Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest  Saudi funded terrorist Muslim lobby in the United States, labeled Gingrich’s comments as evidence of his being “one of the nation’s worst promoters of anti-Muslim bigotry.”  

4 thoughts on “CAIR Calls Gingrich a "Bigot" for Opposing Sharia”

  1. trouble with liars is, they think we are all stupid and gullable, else why bother.
    Maybe we should start demanding more RESPECT!

    Being anti-islam is not bigotry, it is realism.

  2. Newt Lays It (Sharia and the MuBros’ Sharia Agenda for America) on the Line

    Say what you will about Newt, at least he knows that sharia, Islam’s totalitarian law, is inimical to Americans’ freedom–and is willing to say so. Out loud. In public. Andrew McCarthy gives him kudos for that, and for eliciting the wrath of Muslim Brotherhood offshoots CAIR and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), two outfits that are working so hard to make sharia seem pleasant and benign:

    The sharia of the IIIT and their chums at CAIR is patently antithetical to the individual liberties, equality of opportunity, and separation of powers that undergird our constitutional system, which any president must swear to preserve, protect, and defend. It is, of course, permissible in our free society to believe that our system should be overthrown in favor of a sharia system — just as it is permissible to believe the moon is made of blue cheese. But the rest of us are not required to admire an Islamist’s beliefs just because there is no crime in his holding them, or just because they derive from a belief system he labels “religion.” And given that one cannot rationally believe both a proposition and its opposite, Newt is exactly right to argue that a presidential candidate could not be faithful simultaneously to the Constitution and to the classical sharia preached by the Brotherhood.

    Do I love Newt? Not really. Do I think he can defeat Obama? Not on your life. But do I love his refreshing and decidedly un-Barackian refusal to mince words re sharia? Absolutely!


  3. Every so often a moment occurs when even the most unsure observer of Muslim involvement in American culture cannot help but see the big picture. Such was the case when the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) denounced Newt Gingrich for his comments about Shari’a Law.

    Gingrich said that as president he would only hire Muslims to his administration if they renounced the use of Shari’a Law as a tool for United States government. Gingrich’s comment was made in response to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals that struck down an Oklahoma ban on the application of Shari’a Law and international law in U.S. courts.

    CAIR spokesperson Corey Sayolor described this as “one of the nation’s worst promoters of anti-Muslim bigotry.” He added that Shari’a Law “teaches marital fidelity, generous charity, and a thirst for knowledge.” What’s wrong with that?


    First, the United States Constitution provides no standing for religious law (Shari’a Law claims to be divine law—a law that trumps the laws of any nation on earth) or international law in United States jurisprudence.

    Read more on my blog:

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