Everybody knows: “He is an avowed Muslim and my question is, why isn’t something being done to get him out of our government?"

Everybody knows. The enemedia knows too, and they’ll back him until the muezzin calls the believers to the white house mosque:

Santorum Defends Not Correcting Questioner Who Called Obama ‘An Avowed Muslim’

Well, perhaps he should not just “disagree”- he should do something about it!

“It’s not my responsibility as a candidate to correct everybody who makes a statement that I disagree with,”Read More »

Food Stamp President:

Fast & Furious:

Muselputz “Martin” (Muhammad)  Bashir from MSNBC Continues to Attack Newt For “Racial Code Words”  (NewsBusters)

Bashir: ‘Gingrich Lies Repeatedly’ – ‘More People Were Collecting Food Stamps’ Under Bush

Never expect a soldier of allah to make sense or tell the truth. Its all spin, all the time…..