Denial of Reality is Also a Form of Taqiyya

Obama and the MB: Partners in Taqiyya (FrontPage Magazine)

The White House is providing political cover to the Muslim Brotherhood.

To convince the world that sharia-based laws protect personal freedoms and human rights for all, Islamists engage in the time-honored Muslim tradition of lying about their own beliefs to conceal their true nature. This form of deception is known as “taqiyya.” Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is engaging in taqiyya as it prepares to lead Egypt’s newly elected parliament and to assure Egyptian citizens and the world at large that they are peace-loving advocates of universal human rights. The Obama administration is buying this taqiyya hook, line and sinker — and spreading it.

Leader Ship– Picture of the Week

Bloombugger Taqiyya: Anything But the Truth

Our friends from Bunglawussi watch are delighted:

Portraying islam as dangerous = “terrible judgment”
NEW YORK — Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that New York police used “terrible judgment” in showing officers undergoing counterterrorism training a graphic, hard-hitting film that says Muslim extremists are bent on establishing a worldwide Islamic regime.
This lunatic invested a great deal of his fortune in the ME and has just entered into a joint venture with Sowdi princeling Al Waleed to start up a new al Jizz jihad propaganda network. This traitor is so far gone he probably doesn’t even realize how deep he is in with our enemies.
Mayor Bloomberg Disavows Use of Anti-Muslim Movie in Police Training

MANHATTAN — Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed police for exercising “terrible judgment” when they repeatedly played a controversial film that portrayed Islam as dangerous to nearly 1,500 new recruits. (thanks to Mullah)