IVORY COAST: This is what happens when UN-backed Obama forces a Christian president to step down so a Muslim could take over


Kenya terror plot may be ‘in final stages’ BBC (hat tip Pamela Geller)

The Foreign Office has said terrorists could be in the final stages of planning an attack in Kenya, and has urged British nationals there to be cautious.

Visitors to Nairobi are being warned to avoid places such as hotels, shopping centres and beaches.

Ivory Coast

Students who set off firecrackers outside a secondary school in Abidjan get a beating in the schoolyard by their headmaster with help from soldiers.  (Barenaked)

OBSERVERS france24  This video shows the two students being violently beaten with a tube by the school’s headmaster, Honoré Amousso, who called it a spanking, but the punishment wasn’t spanking so much as a full-on beating. The headmaster was helped out by a member of the school staff and by soldiers from the Republican Forces of Ivory Coast (soldiers who were loyal to MUSLIM President Alassane Ouattara during the recent civil war.) They held the students down and tied their feet together.

Flashback:  The Kenya Connection:  

 Obama Supports Islamic Terrorism. The Obama-Odinga Connection

Meanwhile, the jihad in Nigeria rages on:

Nigeria: Jihad against beauty parlors, as gunmen shout “Allahu Akbar”

The intrepid, manly mujahedin, keeping the world safe from beauty parlors as well as so many churches. On the other hand, the jihadists don’t seem to do as well when they have to fight like men. “13 killed in attacks in northeast Nigeria,” by Jon Gambrell for the Associated Press, January 7, via JW

From now on, the Christians will fight back:

Nigerian Christian Leader: We Will ‘Defend Ourselves’ After Latest Radical Muslim Attacks

How dare these filthy kaffirs offer resistance to the will of allah!

“We cannot sit back and watch people being slaughtered like animals every day, going to the church, shooting people, killing them.”

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