"Kill the Jews, kill the Jews….!

Just a tiny minority of excremists, nothing to worry about, right?

Cries of ‘Out with the Jews!’, ‘Kill the Jews!’ greeted the arrival at Tunis airport of the Hamas chief in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh….

Tunisians’ antisemitic rally for Hamas honcho: “Turn our skulls into a ladder for your glory”

Tunisia’s Jews fearful after Haniyeh visit

This should be a major news story all around the world.

 Tonight the tiny population of Jews that compose the Maghreb’s Jewish minority are cowering in fear, because thousands of their compatriots and near-neighbours have called openly for their murder with the acknowledgement of a newly-elected religious mass movement in what is supposedly one of the Arabic-speaking world’s most tolerant societies. (Harry’s)

Hamas Twitters

Hamas Joins Twitter – Calls For Martyrdom and Expelling & Killing Jews

Hamas is the latest terrorist gorup to begin tweeting, joining Hizbullah, the Somali group Al-Shabaab, the Taliban, and others. MEMRI has a report up that discusses how these terror groups are using Twitter to promote jihad and martyrdom, to report attacks and to promote killing Jews.

Here is the Hamas Twitter account. (GWP)

Pal TV Sermon

Pal Authority TV sermon: You name it, it’s the Jews’ fault

Not “Zionists,” but “Jews.” Remember, the PA guys are the “moderate” guys, the ones getting U.S. aid. “PA Sermon in the West Bank: ‘Every Evil and Catastrophe’ in the Whole World ‘Is Caused by the Jews’,” from MEMRI

Taliban Displeased

Taliban Condemns Video of US Marines Pi$$ing on Dead Taliban

Russia Today is already calling the event – Abu Ghraib II. The Taliban is upset with the video even though they use snuff videos of attacks on US Marines as a recruiting tool.


Grand Allures

State Deceit